Fantasia B. To Be Seeing Purple?

Jennifer Hudson‘s getting a lot of press these days, but what about that other girl from American Idol? You know, the girl who actually won? In case you’ve forgotten, her name’s Fantasia Barrino. She had that Lifetime movie – it was shitty. She had that album – not shitty, but certainly not sublime. And she now she may have a role in the Oprah-endorsed stage adaptation of Alice Walker’s The Color Purple. E!’s homo extraordinaire Marc Malkin reports that “sources close to Barrino” tell him she’s up for the role of the central character, Miss Celie.

Hmmm, we’re not sure how we feel about this – we think we’d rather read the book. We know Oprah’s done loads of good in this world, but there’s seriously something wrong with the idea of Fantasia and her jaw singing about being beat down by Mr. -.