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Fantasy Draft: The 2015 Freedom Reigns Team

underwear-4There are five men on the 2015 Freedom Reigns team, and surprise surprise, the hot new models score high points with The Underwear Expert. Freedom Reigns excels as a sexy, sporty brand thanks to their All-American design and taste in sex appeal. Count on them to be masculine, but far from a stick in the mud. Think locker room exhibitionist, with a sexy sense of style.

Michael, Andy, Sam, David. B, and David Rest each embody the brand’s aesthetic. They’ve got a nice balance as the new Freedom Reigns team — three blonde studs and two tanned hotties, both of whom happen to be inked. Because what’s hotter and more All-American than the boys next door and their “bad boy” friends? When they get together and show off their new briefs — that’s what.

The last time we saw Freedom Reigns, their FW14 Collection had neon seams against nearly neural colors, almost dark pastels. The new spring collection rocks the highlighter colors harder. A bright pink brief is brighter still with a white waistband and seams. And there’s no missing the rest of the new waistband’s design. Our lucky number seven after counting down six abs, the brand name is printed in neon green and balanced by a thin red stripe.

You can see more of the new Freedom Reigns team on The Underwear Expert.

underwear-4 underwear2 underwear-5

Photo Credit: Joseph Daniels