FASHION: 10 T-Shirts To Help You Wear Your Pride On Your Sleeve

June is quickly coming to an end and some of you still haven’t picked out that perfect Pride outfit—the one that has people snapping your picture and, just maybe, asking for your digits.

We can’t help you develop a sense of style this late in the game (we’re only human)—but we can show you some snazzy T-shirts that simply scream “I’m gay and I’m fashionable.” And most help benefit worthy causes, so it’s a win-win.

We should mention that there are lots of other gay-friendly retailers you should try to patronize (like JCPenney), even if they don’t have a rainbow tank-top to sell. And, sadly, it looks like Old Navy has discontinued the line of Pride shirts it rolled out last year. (Meh, we always feel like we’re swimming in Old Navy, anyway.)

Click through for our handy guide of hot Pride T-shirts. As for shoes, well, you’re on your own!

Have a queer tee you just adore? Tell us about it at and we might include it in a future roundup.

Photo: Stonewall UK