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Fashion Forward: Jeremy Scott Sends Quite Possibly The Gayest Things Down The Runway At Fashion Week

Now that New York Fashion Week is safely behind us, we’ve had a moment to peruse the collections for the fab, the fey, the unrepentantly gay. It was a hard call, but we have to say Jeremy Scott took the “Gayest Shit at Fashion Week” prize with his wild Spring 2012 collection, offering chaps in chaps and girls in girdles.

The Kansas City-born designer has outfitted everyone from Madonna, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga to Justin Timberlake, Kanye and Miss Piggy (Scott even designed Britney’s S&M stewardess outfit for the Toxic video.) He’s a voracious consumer of pop culture, incorporating fast-food imagery and Micky Mouse iconography into various outfits. Bitch even has Karl Lagerfeld saying he’s the only designer who could ever succeed him at Chanel. And Uncle Karl doesn’t dish out the complements often!

Check out some highlights of his insane new collection above then watch a clip of the runway show itself below.



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