“Fashion Police” Writers Rip Joan Rivers After She Trashes Them In Interview

The battle between Joan Rivers and the writers of Fashion Police rages on.

In a statement released yesterday, the show’s writers, who have now been on strike for seven months, accused the geriatric funny lady of being a “hypocrite” and said she “must held accountable for the lies she tells while her writing staff continues to suffer”, after a recent interview she did with Splitsider.

During the interview, Rivers called the situation a “sloppy mess” and accused her writers of being “assholes,” “idiots” and “schmuck writers.”

Her comments have been construed as a direct reversal of her position on the matter just a month ago when she said, “It’s time for both sides to sit down at the table and negotiate… We all want the same thing – to get this behind us – so let’s make this deal!” And it has many Fashion Police writers angrier than ever.

The tension between Rivers and her writers began back in April, when the writers announced they were going on strike, citing they were underpaid and owed more than $1.5 million in wages and overtime. In a lawsuit, they claimed they worked as many as 16 hours a day but only earned between $500-630 a week, for a grand total of around $25,000 a year, which is just slightly higher than the average salary of a Walmart employee.

Sounds like a pretty shitty deal to us. Especially considering that Fashion Police has been a hit show for the E! network for the past three years.

Initially, writers sought Rivers’ help in getting the money they felt they deserved from network execs. Rivers isn’t in charge of salary decisions, but she does have some influence over the matter. But rather than supporting her team, the Botoxed biddy told them to go to hell. And, evidently, seven months later she still feels that way.

Hey, the woman’s gotta pay for her plastic surgery somehow. If that means squeezing it out of underpaid, overworked writers, so be it.

It’s unclear what will happen next in this ongoing saga, but it will no doubt involve a lot more mudslinging and four letter words.