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  • concernedcitizen

    Just because one lasts longer doesn’t make you a better lover as your title presumes, it just means you last longer. You can still have more pleasurable sex though in a shorter time span than having a long drawn out session which may not be as pleasurable for both partners. Just a thought, not saying the opposite can’t be true but just saying that just because someone lasts longer doesn’t NECESSARILY mean the sex is better.

  • Matt

    I’m sure you can last longer in bed by simply jerking off prior to screwing, if you know what I mean.

  • Rick H

    Wow… I am going to die?!? I am a 37 year old guy with a 38 inch waist. By gay standards I am a fat man. I have tried every diet known to mankind. I have worked out, starved myself and even turned to drugs to make myself “attractive” by gay standards. Hell I have even logged over 5000 miles on a bicycle to end HIV/AIDS and now just because I can last longer in bed I have some guy sitting behind a computer telling me I am going to die of cancer because I am fat? Give me a fucking break! My blood pressure is perfect! My cholesterol is right where it should be… By my doctors standards I am in perfect health. I am not saying that everyone out there should down a box of Krispy Kremes but I will say that bigger dudes can be just as healthy as the muscle heads. If you are happy being big than enjoy your body and there are lots of people out there that will love your body with you. I watch what I eat, am active and enjoy longer sex than the skinny dude who wrote this piece and I am big. Get over it skinny people. Fat people exist and not all people are fat because of laziness… It’s just who we are. And until you ride a bicycle 5000 miles in two years for your community back the fuck off!

  • Rick H

    And BTW queerty… If you’re going to post something as fact and provide a link… Maybe it should be about the cancer part of the sentence and not the waist size part! But I guess you’re a typical gay dude. More worried about the outside of a person rather than what’s going on inside.

  • Fitz

    @Rick H: Sorry, but the whole “fat but fit” concept has been totally discredited by the cold harsh statistical analysis of “who dies young”. I’m glad that you have worked at your weight though… imagine how unhealthy you would have been without those heroic efforts! I will say this– clearly your motivation was about looking fit and being accepted. Most of the people that I know who have made significant health improvements have a more internal motivation. Your comment feels angry and pressured; raised cortisol levels do a lot to maintain tummy fat too. So relax, don’t take it personally as an attack on you, but as a comment about the reality.

  • Devin

    @Fitz: Actually,

    In 2006, the American Heart Association reported that ‘fatter’ cardiac arrest patients were:

    “were more likely to survive hospitalization and invasive treatments than thinner ones, even when adjusting for age and other contributing factors. In this analysis of 130,139 heart disease patients, 5.4% of “normal” weight patients died, as compared to 2.4% of “obese” and 3.1% of “overweight.” Yes, those whose were “obese” were more than two times more likely to survive! ”

    There’s also evidence to suggest that extra fat can offer better protection against cancer, lung disease, heart disease, anemia, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes.

  • Fitz

    @Devin: OF CARDIAC PATENTS being a very important phrase. The goal is to not become a cardiac patient, right?

    “There’s also evidence…” I need a resource on that, otherwise it sounds like magic.

    Look– I am not beating up on anyone, it’s juts a cold hard reality that being excessively fat is a contributory factor in most of our disease and aging processes. I don’t have any kind of magic diet plan or pill that I am pushing. I think that obesity is at a high enough epidemic that we need to not just look to the individual. (i.e. get out of the blame game). But yeah.. it sucks, and it’s real.

  • Queer Supremacist

    Yuck. Another picture of Bill Perdue. Does he ever shut up?

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