GOP Death Watch

“Fat Ugly Face”: Intense New Clinton Ad Captures Trump’s Misogyny


It turns out there is something worse than a misogynist gay man, and that’s a misogynist Republican presidential candidate. Just days after her daughter Chelsea accused Donald Trump of  “sad, misogynistic, sexist rhetoric,” a powerful new Clinton ad called “Mirrors” brilliantly captures how pigheadedly pervasive his hatred for women is — simply by showcasing some of the rhetoric he’s used on the campaign trail: “She’s a slob;” “she ate like a pig;” “fat ugly face;” and “a person who is flat-chested; it’s very hard for them to be a ten” are just a few recent examples of his bizarrely hateful rhetoric. Awfully judgmental for a sentient tub of pumpkin cream cheese.

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Only 30 seconds in length, the new Clinton ad undoubtedly packs quite a punch. Unfortunately, it’s probably time to forgo the attack ads altogether, and just put Hillary and Trump in a boxing ring so she can punch him in the face.

Watch the new Clinton ad below: