Father Lopez Helps Local LGBTs, So The Vatican Is Investigating Him

Mexican Bishop Raul Vera Lopez who oversees the Diocese of Saltillo is known for his work with the region’s LGBT population. He says, “we have very clear objectives. We work with “(the queer community) to help them recover their human dignity, which is frequently attacked at home and in society, and they are treated like scum.” But instead of praising Lopez’s noble humanitarian efforts, the Vatican has decided to investigate him.

According to Lopez there has been a call from the Vatican followed by a questionnaire specifically inquiring about his work with teh queers. He actually suspects that a Peruvian Catholic agency spread lies about his ministry promoting a “homosexual agenda.”

“They allege that I am against the magisterium of the Church and unfortunately they are driven by prejudice and phobias against the homosexual community,” says Lopez.

Oh, Padre. Don’t you know that anti-LGBT people say everything is a way to spread the homosexual agenda? It doesn’t matter if it’s mentioning gay people in schools or painting your son’s toenails pink.

Let us, just for a second, hold onto the naive hope that the Vatican might actually be studying Padre Lopez’s methods so they can learn how to better serve their own abused LGBT communities; y’know the same way Jesus helped out lepers and dead guys.

But alas, seeing how the Catholic church treats its own children and orphans, that’s mega-doubtful.

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