Father Lopez Helps Local LGBTs, So The Vatican Is Investigating Him

Mexican Bishop Raul Vera Lopez who oversees the Diocese of Saltillo is known for his work with the region’s LGBT population. He says, “we have very clear objectives. We work with “(the queer community) to help them recover their human dignity, which is frequently attacked at home and in society, and they are treated like scum.” But instead of praising Lopez’s noble humanitarian efforts, the Vatican has decided to investigate him.

According to Lopez there has been a call from the Vatican followed by a questionnaire specifically inquiring about his work with teh queers. He actually suspects that a Peruvian Catholic agency spread lies about his ministry promoting a “homosexual agenda.”

“They allege that I am against the magisterium of the Church and unfortunately they are driven by prejudice and phobias against the homosexual community,” says Lopez.

Oh, Padre. Don’t you know that anti-LGBT people say everything is a way to spread the homosexual agenda? It doesn’t matter if it’s mentioning gay people in schools or painting your son’s toenails pink.

Let us, just for a second, hold onto the naive hope that the Vatican might actually be studying Padre Lopez’s methods so they can learn how to better serve their own abused LGBT communities; y’know the same way Jesus helped out lepers and dead guys.

But alas, seeing how the Catholic church treats its own children and orphans, that’s mega-doubtful.

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  • OneVoice

    The incompetent Daniel Villarreal attacking the Roman Catholic Church- what a surprise.

  • Miguel

    The Catholic Church, that protected pedophiles for decades, but doesn’t waste a second investigating and persecuting a cleric that wants to affirm the basic human dignity of gay people — now, THAT is a heartwarming little surprise…

  • SMK

    Why do you feel the need to bring up the priest abuses in this article? It doesn’t relate to the topic at all.

    And if this is support to be a piece getting support for your cause, why attack some of the people you’re talking to?

    I’m an active Catholic, and have run Catholic programs in the past and in the present. I tried to co-sponsor some events with the LGBT community in my college, but none of them would hear it, because as soon as they realized I was “christian” and from a religious organization they assumed I was just there to harass them.

    Now I’m researching the “September’s Children” who killed themselves due to bullying last fall. I am planning to include them in our memorial prayer service at our September retreat this fall.

    So instead of acting like all Catholics are homophobes, and all priests are evil, think about what you’re really trying to do. If you want to stereotype and insult people (like the homoephobes you oppose) go right ahead. “Fight fire with fire” and see if that gets you anywhere.

    But I thought this was about getting along and making life better for everyone. That’s what Jesus wanted.

  • Dallas David

    Nobody expects the Inquisition!

    But this guy better keep in mind that the current Pope used to be head of the Inquistion in his former life as Cardinal Ratzinger.

  • Dallas David

    @SMK: ”

    But I thought this was about getting along and making life better for everyone. That’s what Jesus wanted.

    Some people would prefer the church just leave us alone.
    The Christian church — both Protestant and Catholic — have not shown themselves to be very good friends in the past. Those “September’s Children” are dead because of Bible-inspired Christian hate.
    So until you do a lot of stuff to show that you’re over all that official homophobic crap, and you’ll have to do a lot of really nice stuff, most of us would much rather just pee on your turbans and kick you in your burning purses.

    I hope you don’t take this the wrong way.

  • Jakey

    I’ve seen a lot of whinging from Christians around here lately, but you know what I haven’t seen? Any of those people acknowledging that if their church is so LGBT-friendly the burden lies on them to prove it, not on LGBT people to believe them because they said so. Do something other than complaining that nobody realizes how nice you are. Praying for a cause is nice, but doesn’t mean a thing to anybody not actually a member of your faith. You want to help and you want people to notice? Raise money to donate. Sponsor your own event if nobody will let you share one of theirs. Say something about the very real anti-LGBT elements in your faith other than how bad they make your particular congregation look, and how unfair that is to YOU. Publicize what you’re doing. Saying “well we’re not like those Catholics” and getting mad when nobody cares is not good enough. Complaining when someone criticizes the Vatican (the Vatican!) is really not good enough. How about a letter-writing campaign to help out this bishop? Anything. I would love to take you seriously, believe me.

  • Thomas

    He should quickly buttrape some children so Rome will back off.

  • xander

    The Catholic church blamed the child molestations on gay priests, thereby confounding gay people with pedophiles. Until they can separate out the two issues and get caught up on science, there’s no hope they’ll take a more civilised view toward LGB or T priests, nuns or parishoners.

  • ZHamm

    Keep up the good work Bishop Raul Vera Lopez of Mexico. We support you.I hope you get laid. Celibacy/ abstinence is a real bitch. I know I did it to avoid HIV-AIDS and STDs. I will pay for you to visit a strip club cum bordello in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (The Sex Capital of North America, and Home of the Hell’s Angels, Oh Canada!). Gay prostitution is legal in Canada and France and Brazil by the way. Anyone who has to endure the catholic church and do charity work for this many years deserves R&R. god bless you father.

  • william

    If the Bishop was fucking some of the local kids the Vatican wouldn’t bat an eye but since he is doing Christ’s work they are investigating him. Real Bright.

  • SMK

    So the answer is yes, you would rather stereotype and insult people than have constructive conversations. Just thought I’d clarify.

    Seriously, do any of you even read what you write? Or just spew it out there and expect it to be literary gold? “He should quickly buttrape some children.” There’s an intelligent idea.

    Real great way to further a cause. Real great. Don’t expect to see me on this troll-infested site ever again.

  • Thomas

    @SMK: ” Don’t expect to see me on this troll-infested site ever again.”

    See you when you get back!

  • Riker

    Seriously, what awful things i’m seeing posted about this Bishop, who is just trying to do the right thing.

    You criticize the Roman Catholic Church for being too stagnant and unyielding on social issues (which is a very valid point), but then when you see someone trying to show dissent, you shit all over them too. What will it take to satisfy you?

  • Queer Supremacist

    What would it take to satisfy me? How about a military invasion of the VatiKKKan (why Israel never tried them for collaborating with Hitler is beyond me)? How about another Nuremburg trial prosecuting Christian cultists in every country for their genocidal homophobia? How about an amendment to the U.S. Constitution allowing prosecution of religious leaders and churches that pull this shit? How about removing the tax-exempt status of religious organizations and houses of worship? This country’s going broke, and if we tax the cults, then we can reduce the deficit without raising taxes on individuals.

    Yes, I’m happy that this guy is going against the VatiKKKan, but he’ll probably be defrocked by those cross-dressing child molesting cultural/sexual imperialists.

  • randy

    The church has always said that investigations into pedophilia allegations take time — years. The move very slowly and they say that they must to insure fairness, because they are a bureaucracy so what can you do?, and every other excuse in the book. But when it comes to investigating priests or nuns who are being nice to gays, they move with lightening speed.

    Which gives the lie that they have to move so slowly on pedophilia cases.

  • Riker

    @Queer Supremacist: Invasion? Nuremberg-style tribunals? Worldwide persecution of Catholics? Really? No wonder they hate us…

  • xander

    Fr Lopez is putting his neck on the line in a way very few other priests do, for which he ought to be acknowleged. Despite my great disrespect for that Church, I know enough of its members to say that his gesture counts for people who choose to stay somehow connected to that religious tradition.

    We ought to focus our energies on the Church’s efforts to legislate their morality, rather than on an individual who at least seems to make some efforts to reach out to lgbt Catholics.

    @Riker : +1.

  • the crustybastard

    @SMK: “I’m an active Catholic…I tried to co-sponsor some events with the LGBT community in my college, but none of them would hear it, because as soon as they realized I was “christian” and from a religious organization they assumed I was just there to harass them.”

    Another poor Catholic martyr.

    Seriously, SMK, if you can honestly manage surprise that gay people assume your Catholic ass is there to harass them, you must be the dumbest godamn sumbitch alive. Listen: you’re not special, and you’re not part of the solution. As “an active Catholic,” you’re most definitely part of the problem.

    So no, don’t expect us to run into your arms and tell you that all is forgiven.

    We’ve been burned by Catholics before. For centuries. Literally.

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