Father’s Day Riot!

Father’s Day caused a queer stir over in Scotland, where a number of schools put a moratorium on celebratory cards to protect kids with lesbian or single mothers:

The politically correct policy was quietly adopted at schools “in the interests of sensitivity” over the growing number of lone-parent and same-sex households.

It only emerged after a large number of fathers failed to receive their traditional cards and handmade gifts.

Family rights campaigners last night condemned the policy as “absurd” and argued that it is marginalising fathers, but local authorities said teachers need to react to “the changing pattern of family life”.

The making of Mother’s Day cards and crafts, in the run-up to Mothering Sunday, remains generally permitted.

While we understand where the teachers and other educators are coming from, this seems to be taking it a bit far.

Couldn’t the fatherless children make a card for another man in their life, like a really cool uncle, or something?