Faux Foreskin Takes Genitals By Storm!

Now we’ve seen it all!

Hoping to capitalize on circumcised men who have longed to experience life with foreskin – a demographic we didn’t quite realize represented a market – some clever entrepreneurs have come up with an awe-inspiring invention, the SenSlip! Let the world rejoice. Or something.

Sort of like a half glove for your prick, the product claims to simulate the sensation of having a little extra hood. And, naturally, the product’s site has loads of testimonials, like RJ from Cambridge:

First of all my I thank you for this great invention. I am 70 and have regretted being circumcised all my life, I have found the greatest benefit of SenSlip is psychological, it makes me feel safe and more confident.

Meanwhile, an Irishman named “SK” had this to say: “I have been wearing it now for about two weeks and I can feel and see the difference… I never realized how uncomfortable I had been not wearing one.”

Like a real penis, the SenSlip requires all sorts of upkeep, like not over-stretching it. Unfortunately, its elemental resistance is extremely limited: “If you are about to engage in any bathing or water sports, the Senslip should be removed. If it does become wet or damp, remove it and allow it to dry. When dry use talcum powder to keep it soft.” The SenSlip also doesn’t mix well with lubricants, shouldn’t be inserted into the body and is sensitive to extreme heat. Well, then, what’s the point?!

Those of you wondering how to pick your size, the site instructs you to measure the girth of your penis a few times over a few hours because, as you know, “size and volume of the penis changes all the time.” Those dicks truly are unruly monsters, now aren’t they?