Faux Gay Wedding Angers Choir In Fiji

A church choir in Fiji really doesn’t like gay marriage, even if it is just for show:

A mock wedding that held for visiting travel agents at a Fiji resort that appeared to be a “gay ceremony” so upset a local choir hired for the event that its members refused to sing more than one hymn, the Fiji Times reports.

The “wedding,” held at the Sonaisali Resort near Nadi, including a mock wedding to showcase the property’s attraction as venue for tourists wanting to get married. But problems arose when the male who was to play the groom became ill, and a female was asked to step in to play the role.

“We are a church choir. This event was the talk of the village when we returned because all we were told was that we were going to a wedding. We came back angry and disgusted. Later, one of the villagers working at the hotel explained that it was a promotional gig. We should have been told because hymns are sacred,” said Korovutu choir member Watisoni Bakiki.

Oh, for the love of Jeebus!