FBI launches investigation into drugs on gay cruise after death of Joel Taylor

Earlier today, we told you about the death of Joel Taylor, the out host of the Discovery reality show “Storm Chasers.”

Taylor died of a suspected GHB overdose while partying aboard a Royal Caribbean ship charted by gay cruise company Atlantis Events.

According to the New York Daily News, “passengers aboard the Harmony of the Seas added that they witnessed Taylor taking drugs, including ecstasy and cocaine.”

He was 38 years old.

According to TMZ, Taylor’s death has now piqued the curiosity of the FBI, who are launching an investigation. The website reports “huge quantities” of “party drugs” were on the ship, including Ecstasy, cocaine, and GHB.

Sources claim some people were arrested for drug possession before the ship set sail.

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Following Taylor’s death, the boat was reportedly docked in Puerto Rico. While docked, there was apparently lots of drug drama aboard the ship.

The night that Taylor died, “party drugs” were reportedly “flowing freely” among revelers, TMZ reports.

Now the FBI has questions: How did the drugs get on board? Who supplied them?

Taylor’s is at least the third drug-related death on cruise ships charted by Atlantis Events, which boasts on its website of “unbelievable parties,” in the last decade.

In a 2010 article on the blog Cruise Law, Jim Walker wrote:

“Cruise ships are not the place to have a medical emergency, whether you are gay, lesbian, transgendered, or straight. Cruise ships are often characterized by the questionable experience and training of the shipboard doctors and staff and the limited nature of the cruise ship’s medical facilities.”

Without getting into a debate over drug use, Walker makes a valid point. Safety wise, the last place a large crowd should be consuming copious amounts of drugs and alcohol is the middle of the open sea.

In related news, porn star boyfriends Jesse Jackman and Dirk Caber were on the same cruise.  Dirk was later found unconscious and was hospitalized the night of Taylor’s death.

The Sword (site NSFW) and GayDailyHot reports:

“Dirk and Jesse had a fight, causing Dirk to get drunk and pass out, only to later discover he had pneumonia, forcing the couple to leave the ship for a Puerto Rico hospital.”