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FBI Looking Into Whether Kieren Daly’s Alleged Marine Gay Bashing Qualifies Under Matthew Shepard

It’s just a “preliminary inquiry” thus far, but the FBI has opened up a case file to look into Kieren Daly’s weekend gay bashing where two active duty Marines, Keil Joseph Cronauer and Christopher Charles Stanzel, stand accused of levying the abuse after a “wink” gone wrong.

FBI investigators are determining whether the federal Matthew Shepard Act should apply. Prepare for a showdown with military police, who will want to claim jurisdiction — and perhaps, exemption.

Update: A “preliminary internal investigation” conducted by the Marines has the two suspects claiming they were followed, threatened, and subjected to verbal advances.

Col. David Robinson, their commanding offices, says: “Although this certainly does not justify the actions of the Marine who punched the individual, it is important for us to consider both sides of the story.” Hello, gay panic defense! We missed you.

Now is this what the Bush Doctrine taught us: Military personnel should deliver the most severe of preemptive attacks to make sure the unarmed opponent cannot recover?