“Gay godfathers are scared of coming out in the Italian Mafia for fear of being ridiculed or murdered, an anti-Mob prosecutor said. Antonio Ingroia, who has helped bring several bosses to justice, said: ‘Being gay is still a taboo for Italian society in general, let alone the Mafia, which is an archaic organization. ‘These bosses have to cover their homosexuality; they’re afraid because they risk being ridiculed and killed.’” [Telegraph]

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  • nuir

    do you know he open his blog on a free ……..blacklatinmeet.com …….. he must hope his fans go there to support him

  • Johnnycakes for Everyone

    Vito Spatafore approves of this post.

  • DK

    Honestly, I’m kind of surprised we don’t have a gay mob or two. We’ve got significant populations concentrated in “queertowns” whose residents have little faith in the authorities due to past persecution. Add to that queer sub-cultures which tolerate if not encourage casual drug use and you’ve got the perfect conditions for organized crime to flourish.

  • Kree

    I completely agree with DK. There must be a Velvet Mafia where all the queer mobsters can seek refuge.

  • Darth Paul

    They’re totally self-righteously Catholic and are expected to marry, so it makes sense. Innovation and progressivism is nowhere to be found.

    True gay mafias don’t exist because they’re (mostly) based on family connections/old boy systems that have historically rejected or outright brutalized queers. The closest thing we have is the Government, full of powerful but closeted ‘mos.

  • REBELComx

    I think we need a few Fairy Godfathers…

  • nuir

    He looks so familiar. Seems saw him before on a black dating site called


  • EdWoody

    Shouldn’t they be more concerned with the fact that they’re law-breaking gangsters, first and foremost, than whether or not they get the gay respect?

  • bleepers

    Exactly, EdWOODY. A criminal such as a mobster is revolting, straight or gay.

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