Feast of Fun Premieres First Episode of ‘Cooking With Drag Queens’!

What do you get when you combine a cooking show, a short documentary and a man in a dress? Why, ‘Cooking With Drag Queens’ of course!

We’re so excited to finally present to you an amazing new web series called ‘Cooking With Drag Queens’, presented to you by Feast of Fun!

After raising funds on Kickstarter last year, the boys over at Feast of Fun have finally premiered the first episode of their new series. In addition to being well filmed, ‘Cooking With Drag Queens’ perfectly bakes together a cooking show and a documentary into one sweet confection. In this new show, you’ll get to learn not only how to cook some delicious recipes, but you might also learn a little bit about some she-larious drag queens along the way!

Food and drag queens, could you ask for anything more?

And if you enjoyed this first episode as much as we did, follow Feast of Fun on YouTube so you won’t miss any upcoming episodes. You can also get the ‘Cooking With Drag Queens’ season 1 cookbook now on FeastOfFun.com!