Happily Ever After

Federal Judge: No Evidence Judge Walker Ever Intended to Marry His Same-Sex Partner

In a desperate measure, Prop 8 proponents tried to argue today that Judge Walker’s ruling against the same-sex marriage ban should be stricken from the books because he is openly gay and partnered. However, a federal judge found no evidence to suggest Judge Walker ever intended to marry his partner.

“This is the first case where same-sex relationship is the subject for disqualifying a judge, so it is important that we treat it seriously and get it right,” said the judge presiding over the case. A court ruling should be expected within the next 24 hours.

Unlike most couples headed to the altar, Walker and his partner did not have:

– A Crate & Barrel gift registry

– A discontinued gym membership

– When asked about weekend plans, the couple never responded “we…”

What’s some more surefire evidence that a couple is planning to get hitched?