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Federal Elections Commission Allows Gay Couples To Make Joint Political Donations

imagesCongratulations! Thanks for a new ruling from the Federal Election Commission, you are now able to fully participate in the monetization of American politics. The Commission voted unanimously Thursday to allow married same=sex couples to make campaign contributions from a joint account, a privilege previously reserved for heterosexual married couples.

“The Commission concludes same-sex couples married under state law are ‘spouses’ for the purpose of Commission regulations,” the FEC said in two advisory opinions.The ruling overturns a finding from just last April, which the Commission said it would revisit should the Supreme Court strike down DOMA. The Commission undertook the review at the request of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee  and Dan Winslow (pictured), a Republican who ran in a Massachusetts special primary election this spring to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by now-Secretary of State John Kerry.

The ruling means that any married couple can make a single campaign contribution from a joint account p to $10,400, even if just one spouse is the money earner. Previously, same-sex couples could contribute $5,200 each, but could not make a joint contribution.  The ruling is just another reminder of how many restrictions are falling as a result of the demise of DOMA.