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Feds: All Foreign Gay Spouses Can Stay In The U.S. For Now

In a pretty stunning announcement, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services department has confirmed the news that, nationwide, it’s halting deportation proceedings against foreign gays married to Americans while the government figures out what it wants to do about this DOMA thingy.

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  • Erich

    This is really ground-breaking if you think about it. The Feds are recognizing that marriages in the glbt community might be considered legal which flies directly in the face of DOMA. Obama said the government would be enforcing DOMA while it works its way through the courts or congressional repeal, but CIS has decided to stop enforcing it.

  • GetBalance

    Right the fuk on. Tearing lovers apart permanently has to be one of the worst casualties in this culture war.

  • Cam

    DOMA is so obviously against the full faith and credit clause that even a bigot like Scalia might…just MIGHT be forced by any remaining shred of integrity to vote against it. So hopefully this sounds like the govt. agencies are assuming that it’s repeal is a done deal.

    Congrats to the couples this effects!

  • the crustybastard


    Love you, Cam but no — Scalia is vituperatively anti-gay under every circumstance.

    Remember Romer? In dissent Scalia (joined by Thomas and Rehnquist) called Colorado Prop 2 (which effectively stripped gay people of all existing protections and any future possibility of being treated as a protected minority) “a modest attempt by seemingly tolerant Coloradans to preserve traditional sexual mores against the efforts of a politically powerful minority to revise those mores through use of the laws. That objective, and the means chosen to achieve it, are […] unimpeachable under any constitutional doctrine hitherto pronounced.”

    The rest of the court thought Prop 2 was so extraordinarily irrational that it couldn’t survive any constitutional scrutiny.

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