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Feds say they’re not interested in Aaron Schock’s sexuality, but he won’t stop talking about it

Disgraced congressman Aaron Schock

The never-ending legal saga involving 36-year-old, totally-not-gay, disgraced congressman Aaron Schock rages on…

Just to recap: Shock is in the middle of a messy criminal case connected to allegations that he misused his congressional office and campaign funds for personal travel and other lavish expenses.

Over the summer, Schock’s lawyers accused federal prosecutors of asking witnesses “distasteful, offensive,” and “prejudicial” questions about Schock’s personal life, including whether he’s gay and if his ex-girlfriend was a beard.

Now, federal prosecutors are clapping back. In newly obtained court records, they call Schock’s allegations that his sexuality has been a focus of nosy investigators “outrageous” and “sensational.”

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“Defendant Schock’s claims are just that–naked claims with inflammatory rhetoric,” prosecutors contend in their federal court filing, adding that they couldn’t care less about Schock’s sexuality.

“We fully agree with Defendant Schock that his sexuality is completely irrelevant in this criminal matter,” prosecutors write. “It was not of interest to the government, and the government did not inquire about it.”

And in response to reports that witnesses testified about Schock’s sexuality, prosecutors say they volunteered that information their own.

“Out of the approximately 116 witness interview reports during the investigation and since the indictment, only 4 contain any references to Defendant Schock’s sexuality, and those references were initiated by the witness, not by the government.”

Schock’s trial is scheduled to being in January.

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