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Feds say they’re not interested in Aaron Schock’s sexuality, but he won’t stop talking about it

Disgraced congressman Aaron Schock

The never-ending legal saga involving 36-year-old, totally-not-gay, disgraced congressman Aaron Schock rages on…

Just to recap: Shock is in the middle of a messy criminal case connected to allegations that he misused his congressional office and campaign funds for personal travel and other lavish expenses.

Over the summer, Schock’s lawyers accused federal prosecutors of asking witnesses “distasteful, offensive,” and “prejudicial” questions about Schock’s personal life, including whether he’s gay and if his ex-girlfriend was a beard.

Now, federal prosecutors are clapping back. In newly obtained court records, they call Schock’s allegations that his sexuality has been a focus of nosy investigators “outrageous” and “sensational.”

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“Defendant Schock’s claims are just that–naked claims with inflammatory rhetoric,” prosecutors contend in their federal court filing, adding that they couldn’t care less about Schock’s sexuality.

“We fully agree with Defendant Schock that his sexuality is completely irrelevant in this criminal matter,” prosecutors write. “It was not of interest to the government, and the government did not inquire about it.”

And in response to reports that witnesses testified about Schock’s sexuality, prosecutors say they volunteered that information their own.

“Out of the approximately 116 witness interview reports during the investigation and since the indictment, only 4 contain any references to Defendant Schock’s sexuality, and those references were initiated by the witness, not by the government.”

Schock’s trial is scheduled to being in January.

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  • Juanjo

    If this guy is heterosexual, I am the Queen of England.

    • stevetalbert

      My liege, like your posting pic. I personally would have used the corgis. See you next year at kentucky derby!!

  • dean089

    Pretty typical of closet cases in that they seem to be the only ones to whom their sexuality is a big deal. Of course, there’s the gay community all ready with their bitchy slings and arrows, ready to make someone with they’d stayed in the closet. What a world.

    • Donston

      Being an openly gay conservative politician is a big deal.

  • Jaxton

    Aaron is entitled to sleep with whomever he wishes. Noisy queens don’t own him.

    Ignore the losers, Aaron.

    • Donston

      I’m pretty certain most of the prosecution who are asking him these questions are not made up of dudes.

      Also, I love that you only admire gay/homo-dominant men if they are closeted or are dating/married to women. It’s pretty old hat at this point. But I can’t help but admire your commitment to hypocrisy and gay-shame.

    • Donston

      *…made up of gay dude…

    • Rabbit

      That’s what you got out of the story? Go back to the first sentence and read the story again….slowly. Perhaps you’ll pick up on the finer points like miusing funds for personal use. No one cares if he’s a pole smoker.

      Perhaps you should just sit there and smile or look pretty or something and let the adults talk.

  • DCguy

    Wow, so Schock is such a self hating bigot that he thinks if any information about him being gay comes out it should mean they should dismiss the charges? LOL!

    Nice try sweetie, but if you were using campaign funds to buy your boyfriend gifts and travel then WHO you were dating and WHO those gifts were going to is absolutely relevant.

    • Anthony

      From 1 DC guy to another…..can you guess the other 2? LOL!

  • GayEGO

    Who cares? Move on Aaron!

  • Creamsicle

    So will Schock be looking at jail time if he’s found guilty? I think this instagram star, turned part-time congressman pretty clearly documented his willingness to live a lavish lifestyle at the expense of others. Are the staffers who fudged the funds going to be looking at jail time or have they all cut deals with the DOJ in exchange for their testimony? What ever happened to his former Downton Abbey-inspired chambers?

  • Anthony

    here’s 2 more het’s members of Congress rhymes with Rotten and another Schock clone from the same state. Living in Capitol Hill is an amazing thing.

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