Fem Guys Treated “Like Royalty” And Other Shocking Revelations From A Gay Inmate

jail-guys-2A few weeks ago, we got a crash course in gay prison sex. Not the porn version (save that for a rainy day) or what you see in movies and TV, but the real, gritty day-to-day behaviors of men in lockdown.

You can read that account here. But as thorough as it is, the author writes from his experience as a straight inmate, and we were curious to hear the perspective of an openly gay prisoner.

Luckily you can find just about anything on the internet. YouTuber Jacob Kohinoor has a six-part interview series with gay former inmate Devin about his experiences in the slammer. Since we’re guessing you don’t have the hour or so it would take to actually watch them all, we broke it down into some educational tid-bits.

These are his first hand account:

  • “In prison, you have all levels of homosexuality…whether you’re open with it, or you’re on the down low, or you’re discreet,” but basically don’t think you’re going to hide anything from anyone, because being surrounded by long-term inmates and other gay prisoners, the truth is going to come out, and quickly.
  • “If I’m a girl — and yes they call us girls in there…in prison, we are their wives…This is what they get, this is all they have. You know you have a lot of them who lie and say they have sex with the female guards, but not all of them can do that. You have more homosexuality than what you probably believe.”

How are gay guys treated in jail?

  • “Open homosexuals are treated with respect. We run the prison. You can come to me in prison and tell me I’m gay, I’m a sissy, I’m a faggot. I would have you murdered that same hour. You have men in there who are never going to see home, never going to go back to women…Out in the real world you can get away with calling me a fag…In prison we are their wives. We are what they want.”
  • Also, trans women are called “titty girls” (even RuPaul won’t go near that word). “They’ve had operations, they’ve been taking hormones, so they have big booties…They’re treated like royalty.”
  • Guys think that if they aren’t bottoming, it’s not really “gay.”
  • Rape occurs, but not as often as it used to. Or it’s used as currency. If someone owes you something and can’t pay it back, you can “take their ass as payment.” (Yikes.)