Fetish fashion brand CEO offers the words of comfort we need right now


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Like us, you’ve probably received a stack of corporate emails over the last few days from CEOs wishing to assure you they’re taking coronavirus seriously and that staff are following all relevant protocols.

Not so if you’re signed up for the regular newsletters from well-known fetish fashion brand, Nasty Pig. Its founder sent out a message to all subscribers over the weekend and it was quickly praised for deviating from the expected script.

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David Lauterstein, Founder and CEO, sent his letter out on Sunday and it’s gone viral after being shared on Twitter.

“I came up here to my office while the rest of my team is working remotely so that I could clear my head and write the obligatory email ensuring you that we are still shipping orders while following COVID-19 guidelines from the CDC,” Lauterstein wrote.

“But I can’t in good conscious spit out some formulaic bullshit when we are all on edge.

“I know each of you guys is reacting to this differently, but we all have a stake in the game here and none of the news has been good. I can’t imagine anyone not being nervous about some aspect of this crisis. So much has changed over just the past few days and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t in a much better headspace last weekend when everything was still open, including me. God, I love quality sling time.

“So yes…this is some scary shit we are dealing with, but I have to tell you with fifty years experience under my belt, scary shit has been here before. In my lifetime we’ve been through the cold war, the AIDS crisis, 9/11, the economic crash of 2008, and on a personal note, a cancer diagnosis in 2018.

“During each of these experiences I thought the world was ending. Each was terrifying. Each caused plenty of pain. In no way am I diminishing the losses each caused, but we ultimately got through each one and landed on our feet.

“Now that I’m a Daddy in this community I feel it is my responsibility not to tell you to keep shopping, but to tell you that we will get through this.

“Humans are a resilient species, especially gay people. In fact we are the strongest motherfuckers I know. Centuries of overcoming persecution are fused into our collective DNA and we have a long history of surviving despite much greater challenges than this. TRUST!

“In closing kids, I hate to say it but this ain’t the last time the shit is going to hit the fan. But good news, if anyone knows how to pick that fan up, clean her off and turn her fiercely once the dust settles…it’s you.

“Be safe, take this situation seriously, and be gentle with each other.”

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The words of comfort were well received on Twitter, even by those not part of the… well, the traditional Nasty Pig community.

“I’m not part of this community–fully supportive of you tho!–so I almost feel guilty for reading support not necessarily aimed at me, but Lord, this is the most reassured I’ve felt in a while. Thanks much for sharing it!” said @DeeTenorio.

This prompted a response from Lauterstein himself, who tweet responded: “Don’t feel guilty. I’m not that kind of homo. If anyone takes comfort from this I’m doing my job right and that includes you.”

Nasty Pig was founded in New York City by partners Frederick Kearney and David Lauterstein in 1994. It has made a name for itself for its fetish gear, underwear and jockstraps, and has branched out into more mainstream fashion items in recent years.

On Sunday, New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio announced he was ordering the closure of all bars and restaurants in the city for a period of at least two weeks (except for takeout meals), in a bid to stem transmission of the virus. Other US cities are taking similar actions.