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  • todd

    Probably a good thing.

  • CitizenGeek

    Roberta McCain seems like a nice woman, but I’m not surprised at Republican underhanded scheming like this.

  • marco channing

    The Republicans like their women to look nice and keep their mouths shut–unless, of course, they are totally right-wing extreme nut-jobs like Sarah Palin. Then they pretend like they are female inclusive.

    The Republican motto should be: Viagra for every man and a baby for every woman!

  • tallskin

    He has a mother still alive???? Fuck how old is SHE??? He is in his 70s for fuck’s sake.


    How low will the O’s go? How low will they go!

  • Doug

    You’d think the RNC would be all over getting this woman out in public. It would kinda dampen the fact that he’s an old fuck if he’s standing next to his mother.

  • Geode

    She’s a lot more sensible than her son. Even she was quoted as saying the Paris Hilton ad her son put out was “stupid.”

  • Kafka-esque

    She’s still alive? Obviously by the hands of voodoo.

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