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  • ben

    I wonder what the other three giant checks were used for? Other season’s winners? Giant bottles of shampoo at the grocery store?

  • Woof

    Her collection was FIERCE

  • hells kitchen guy

    Yes, yes, he had the best voice and he was never voted off the island or out of the house. What show is this again?

  • drunkonsweetolive

    First time in the show’s four seasons the person I rooted for won!! He IS major!! I can’t wait to see more of him!!

  • Rex

    While He is VERY Talented, there is NO denying that…He has Diareaha of the mouth, and NOT much Humility at all…I’d love to see him and Chris Crocker in a Cat Fight! FEIRCE!

  • Coiffed

    Yes, Christian’s collection was the best looking. I wish they would have chosen Chris instead of Rami though. Chris’ collection was much more competitive to Jillian and Christian’s collections.

  • Nick

    I’m not surprised Christian won, but I have to feel that now all his bad habits are going to be justified in his mind. He didn’t know when to stop desiging, and he never listened to Tim Gunn’s critiques. He’s brilliant, but he’s not perfect.

    I think his ego will be his downfall.

    I liked both Jillian’s and Rami’s collections, and if Rami had picked better colors, I think he would have won.

  • Nick

    I’m not surprised Christian won, but I have to feel that now all his bad habits are going to be justified in his mind. He didn’t know when to stop designing, and he never listened to Tim Gunn’s critiques. He’s brilliant, but he’s not perfect.

    I think his ego will be his downfall.

    I liked both Jillian’s and Rami’s collections, and if Rami had picked better colors, I think he would have won.

  • ChristopherM

    Christian is Jean Paul Gaultier to Rami and Jillian’s Perry Ellis and Liz Claiborne. There’s really no comparison at all.

  • Nate

    Um…spoiler alert. Thanks a lot, Queerty. It’s on TiVo waiting for me, but I guess now I don’t have to watch it.

  • kiltnc

    What happened to the days of the spoiler alert! DAMN IT! I have been working out of town and saved this episode via DVR.


  • teddy b

    christian was def best! i don’t know what the judges were smoking when they were looking at rami’s collection. it was terrible!! i hate almost everything’s he’s done on the show. and you spoiler alert babies should know by now NOT to go to ANY blog the day after. it’s your own fault.

  • Dick

    Rex, the word you were looking for is Logorrhoea.
    Yes, Christian had the best collection. Both Jillian and Rami had some excellent and unexpected pieces but not enough to compete with Christian. As for Chris, I wish when people reacted negatively to the human hair, he had just asked “why ? It’s ok to put other people’s human hair on your head, but not to move it down a little? It’s the same material”.


    UGH, are all of you guys blind??? Rami should have won! His collection was BY FAR the best! Christian SUCKS!

  • Alexa

    The problem with Rami’s collection was that while a couple of his designs were the best out of all three collections, he also produced some godawful designs, worse than anything from the other two. Rami needs to stick to his strengths, classic, beautiful draped dresses, not frumpy dresses no woman would be caught dead in.

  • justin bright

    I think he deserved it. He’s annoying sometimes, but that is because he’s competitive and you need to be that way in the fashion industry.

    I really liked Rami’s collection too. I expect both to be making their marks on the fashion industry soon. There could only be one winner and Christian’s collection was just a little bit better than Rami’s.

    Gillian is very talented too. I agree with some of the comments made by the judges that she needs to find her style. She had a great collection, if not the most practical.

  • MatthewScott

    Christian completely deserved it. His designs were fresh and he was one of the best craftsman. The ideas poured out of him and weren’t all similar. (Rami’s were nice but he couldn’t leave his box..draping anyone?) Yes, Christian was mouthy and full of himself. Maybe that’s what it takes for an otherwise outsider gay kid to unleash his “fierce”-ness!

  • Alan down in Florida

    For all you spoiler whiners – I didn’t see it last night but I knew Christian was going to win. Rami and Jillian are fine for what they do (and Rami can come drape me anytime he wants) but Christian from day one lived up to he self-appointed hype. He is fierce and exactly the kind of talent the show is meant to discover.

  • Allen

    Yay!! Go Princess PuffySleeves!!

  • RJ

    kiltnc, you should know better by now that if you plan to surf the interweb after a big reality show season finale, there are going to be spoilers. Next time, I would recomend not looking at (gay) blogs until you look at your DVR. I’m thrilled Queerty posted this so early and put Christian’s big gay face and big gay $100k right up there.

  • fredo777


    I loved Christian from early on, but Rami’s collection was impeccable. Those woven details were badass, but still refined, which I preferred to Christian’s over-the-top aesthetic + he had too many pieces in black. I felt Rami’s collection was smart, well-designed, and (despite some of the critics) I liked his color palette.

  • Jason

    Good! Now he has absolutely no excuse for that fucking hideously retarded hairdon’t.

  • Alacer

    “Also, on a related note, are you as in love with Siriano as we are?”

    uh, no…

  • Bitch Republic

    Throughout the season, I liked his designs a lot, but his final runway show was almost entirely pure crap. Chris and SweetP had the best runway shows and they didn’t even make it to the final 3. Of the final 3, Jillian should have won. Her runway show was also better than Christian’s. Of the 5 runway shows only Rami’s was worse than Christian’s.

  • Joe Blow

    Christians designs were much better than the rest. They looked like real fashion. Rami’s clothes looked like something my grandmother would wear. And Jillian was too boring. Nice stuff but it looked outlet-chic.

  • fredo777

    If your grandmother would wear that black gown Rami designed or his woven dress, then she is fierce.

  • Gary

    Please put spoilers after the jump. Not everyone can watch this stuff live…You ruin it for readers who depend on their Tivos.

  • Drew

    Thanks for the spoil.

    Save your ridiculous arguments. Everyone knows to put this stuff after the jump except, apparently, queerty.

  • Alexi

    YAY for Christian! I love what he represents. He has had so many cute moments on T.V. such as calling Rami “greedy bitch”! I can only wish him the best in the future. This really was the best season of Project Runway, and it was due to the cast. GOOD JOB and GOOD LUCK Christian!

  • Rick

    i agree with joe blow about rami’s clothes. several of the pieces had the same cut at the neck as my grandmothers fancy dress clothes in the early 60’s. one does not put that type of neckline on a babydoll dress. even his colors were dressed up matronly. i liked christians stuff all thru the season. while i liked chris, his use of human hair was a major mistake, he could have beat rami to the runway.

  • Rick

    oops, i forgot about jillian. she had one great piece on the runway. the pants with the bustier top were great. they looked like a modern version of something out of a movie in the 30’s.

  • fredo777

    Meh. I still maintain that Rami is a badass designer + I always look forward to what he does next.

  • Andrew

    I’ll jump on the NO SPOILER disappointment bandwagon here. I love checking out Queerty, but this is really quite crappy. I, too, will be watching my recorded episode later tonight (some of us work nights), and all my respectful coworkers were so good about not spoiling anything for me today—for nothing.

    So to continue my pouting, I’ll be taking an extended break from Queerty…there are plenty other gay sites out there who are more sensitive to busy fags and won’t spoil our fun…

  • dVd

    To the spoiler police – if you don’t want to know who won after a popular show like P.R., then you really can’t cruise ANY website or blog until AFTER you’ve watched your tivo. The results are on many many news websites and blogs out there. Sucks for you, but your own fault for logging on. Duh!

  • Uptown James

    i thought christian seemed kinda gay.

  • SeaFlood

    I liked Christian’s line, but I didn’t like a lot of his black trousers and found some of the early pieces just boring and other ones over the top. If Posh Spice was not in love with his collection, I don’t think he would have… well, he would have won.

    Rami’s colorsense was really… the colors were really muted with some kind of silvery-gray hue — even the red. Nasty!

    I thought Jillian should have won. I think she was knocked because they didn’t feel she had a “distinctive” design, but I think it’s because ALL of her designs were her… I think the judges lacked adequate perspective with which to judge her.

    And because it bears repeating: ULI WAS ROBBED!!!!!

  • Cameron

    I am so glad Christian won! His designs were so ‘high fashion’ fierce! Rami’s things were nice but looked for a much older woman. Jillian’s clothes were nice, but looked like things you see at the outlet malls.

    BTW, I am so in love with Christian, too. I am so jealous of Brad Walsh. Lucky bast*rd!

    Christian will be a big success, I’m sure.

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