FIFA Chief Sepp Blatter Once Called For Gay Players To Come Out. So Now He’s Sorry For Offending Them

FIFA chief Sepp Blatter is sorry, or something, for telling soccer-loving gays that if they want to attend to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar they should simply not have sex. (Well, if they don’t want to get arrested.) ” “I will not enter into such a discussion but I will just say here if I hurt a group of people in the world by making those comments then I regret it,” says Blatter to reporters. “It was not my intention and it will never be my intention to go into any discrimination because this is exactly what we (FIFA) are against, so therefore if somebody feels they have been hurt, then I regret and I present apologies for that.” Blatter made no effort to rectify FIFA’s vote to hand Qatar the World Cup despite its criminalization of homosexuality. What’s interesting is that back in 2008, Blatter was the guy calling for gay soccer players to come out. If any follow his advice between now and 2022, they might not be welcome at the tournament.