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Fight Back NY Didn’t Exactly Oust NY Sen. Monserrate, But We’ll Let ‘Em Take Credit

It’s a little bit presumptuous for Fight Back NY, Tim Gill’s PAC aimed at targeting anti-gay state lawmakers, to take credit for the ousting of Sen. Hiram Monserrate for voting against gay marriage, because the man slashed his girlfriend and dragged her across the floor, and has been beat up in the press and by other Democrats for a bit more than his voting record. But hey, it gives ’em a chance to use some Jaws-esque music in this dramatic and awesome web clip, so yeah, go for it.

Now if they succeed in removing Kemp Hannon, Frank Padavan, Joe Addabbo, Ken Lavalle, Carl Kruger, Joe Griffo, Ruben Diaz Sr. Shirley Huntley, or Marty Golden from office, we’ll ready the ticker tape.