PHOTOS: “Fighter” Darren Criss Gets Sweaty, Steamy And Shirtless In Shower Montage

Though we’ve seen him shirtless before in photo shoots, Darren Criss had never ditched the natty argyle and bowties for sweaty wifebeaters and bare flesh on Glee. Until last night, that is. Check out the above video to see him spar angrily with a punching bag and take a post-boxing shower, all the while performing Christina Aguilera’s “Fighter.”

Click through for more stills of Darren getting sweaty, steamy, and shirtless.

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  • Sam

    Fun episode but Darren / Blaine as boxer, LOL. Wish Bomer had been in shower!

  • Joe

    Picture 4 looks like someone’s taking him from behind.

  • Moo

    Everyone needs a montage.

  • Meowzer

    Unless I’m wrong (which I could be), most of the photos I’ve seen of Darren in the past he had a nicely hairy chest. This time he was very smooth. I guess a teen in school wouldn’t bee that hairy? Such a shame. He looked like a wet plucked chicken.

  • Matthew

    I love Darren. He’s so cute. I would have loved high school if he was my boyfriend.

  • redcarpet


    It’s like buying a Mercedes without leather seats. Sure it’s nice, but something is missing!

  • JAW

    oh My God… they shaved him!!

    what were they thinking?????

    did they shave his pubes too??

    soooo sad

  • DouggSeven

    FYI – he’s not gay.
    They probably could’ve kept his chest hair. I remember a guy in high school gym class being very hairy – it’s not that uncommon with youth.

  • Ronbo

    Please. What is the focus? Next!

    OK, I loved the Katy Perry song… but what’s next?

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