Fighting Anti-Gay Bullying

How far should teachers go to protect gay students? That’s a question being lobbed around a California’s Hart school district. While the discrict’s diversity coordinator Greg Lee insists teachers take the obligatory training sessions – which include seminars on “eliminating bias” – local PFLAG president Dave McEachern wants to see even more tutelage:

People will comment, ‘oh, that’s gay,’ and my biggest problem is that no one is training the teachers to not allow students to use the words ‘gay’ or ‘queer’ in a derogatory manner. When someone says ‘that’s so gay,’ it’s just considered an expression.

People get a big laugh when they say something about gays and lesbians, but they don’t realize that there are gay and lesbian students who have not come out who are probably listening.

McEachern’s now pushing Lee and his peers to expand their queer coverage by inviting an actual homo to discuss matters with students. Radical!

On a related note, The Signal article references 15-year old Lawrence King, who they call transgender. King was, of course, gay, not transgender. Although, he’s neither now, because a fellow student shot and killed him in class.