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  • CitizenGeek

    I love kanYe West. Not only is his music fantastic, but his attempts at fighting homophobia in a predominately homophobic industry is both courageous and hugely uplifting! You go kanYe!

  • Kid A

    This is pretty major, to be coming from an extremely popular hip-hop artist. There is a greater movement for “enlightened” rap that returns to an old-school political style about things that really matter, but I’m afraid even this can be homophobic at times. For example, Immortal Technique is extremely political, but ideologically even-handed. I was listening to him, and to my surprise, despite the intelligence clearly present, the word “faggot” still popped up a few times.

    When even the most skilled and forward-thinking “enlightened” rappers have to use “faggot” to defend their honor, that’s not intelligent, that’s pathetic. Technique had a show here in Orlando a bit ago, and I had to email him saying that while I was happy I copied his album from a friend, I was not about to attend the show and give him money to put me down, then talk about HIS struggle.

    However, I’ve loved Sage Francis for years, and he’s spoken out against homophobia in the past on his records:

    “It might remind you of a mic the way I hold it to the grill of a homophobic rapper/ Unaware of the graphic nature of phallic symbols/ Tragically ironic, sucking off each others gats and pistols”

    “I attended candlelight vigils for Matthew Shepard/ while you put out another ‘fuck you faggot’ record”

    But Sage doesn’t have the platform that Kanye does; this is a big deal. Many truly-revered artists are dismissive of the “guns and hos” ethic of popular faux-gangsta rap, and are trying to communicate on a higher level. Gays are just the last hang-up, and looks like things might be changing.

  • Jude

    Sage Francis is great, I saw him in concert a few years ago. Too bad it’s not artists like him who get to become famous.

    Interesting thing about Kanye is that he has said he used to be very homophobic, coming from where he did some values were hard to ignore. But he was smart enough to grow and mature above that. Proves that everyone can become more accepting.

  • Paul Raposo

    Sadly, rather than being praised as being a real man and standing up for LGBTQ’s; he will be called–wait for it–a faggot for defending us.

    As far as Immortal Tech, he’s the David Icke of hip-hop. The man should be rapping while wearing a tinfoil hat. Here’s some of his “wisdom” on homophobia:

    “As for homophobia, Hip Hop never embraced faggots. One can’t deny that there are probably rappers, DJ’s and fans that are mo’s but I think since the culture was based around proving ones manhood; acting like a fruitpop isn’t gonna get you anywhere.”

    Just another child trying to convinve the world he’s a man. But what do we expect from someone who practices the Religion of Peace

  • Lil' tOmtOm


  • Artemisia999

    LIL’TOMTOM, that was mature!!!


  • Darth Paul

    He’s down dude, and I love his work. He may a strange temperment, but he’s never been hateful.

  • Josh

    “Geroge Bush doesn’t care about [gay] people!”
    -Kanye West,2005

    You all know he was thinking it!

  • Lil' tOmtOm

    lol @ the idea of kanye west being straight. lololol

  • Jude

    I find it funny when rappers pretend to know oh-so-much about hip hop culture, and then go on to say it was “based around proving one’s manhood”. Hip hop started as a way to assemble oppressed people so that they could have a good time together, even though outside forces were trying to bring them down. The whole thug culture was not at the origin of hip hop.

  • n

    Why is it that as soon as someone straight decides to stand up for gay people, they are automatically gay. When you say stuff like that (and you kno hu u are) then u sound just as stupid and narrow minded as someone who is homophobic. Instead you should just be happy that there is someone like Kanye willing to look out for the interests of other people. Grow up. And even if he is gay like someof you claim, WHY DO YOU CARE?!?

  • Lil' tOmtOm's a Bitch

    Lil’ tOmtOm, Kanye may be a gay man, even a closeted one.

    But you are one sad-ass little faggot.

  • Bob

    While Kanye’s personality may be a bit, er, divisive, he is one of the few artists out there who actually tries to be innovative and push hip hop in a new direction and been extremely successful while doing so, while morons like 50 cent stick to the tried and true “bitches like my big dick” and homophobic raps (and rants how gays have no place in hip hop. dumbfuck.) method and has been floundering the past few years. I’d like to think Kanyes’ influence could really get “fag” off the list of hip hop insults.

  • John


    Very true.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Thankyou, Kanye. This is a small step for Rap but a giant leap for the Hip Hop Industry. And, what’s with all the homophobes on this site? They’re SO GAY!!!

  • BobP

    Kudos to Kanye. It takes balls for a man in his position to make a statement about homophobia.
    Give him some credit, folks.

  • fri

    it seems pretty ridiculous for kanye to say that stuff about homophobia while saying nothing about violent misogyny, which is even more prevalent in hiphop than gay bashing, including in kanye’s own lyrics. he’s not even really socially conscious, i think he just likes to put the image out there that he is. just listen to any of his recent songs, he’s really just superficial and idiotic. “good life feat. t-pain” isnt exactly “fear of a black planet”.

  • crazylove

    well Fri has a point. Unless an artist thinks to mention every possible permutation of discrimination all at once in their call for people to not disriminate, that means they are not suppose to talk about disrimination. I think he should carry around a recorded message of all discrimination across the planet- and then at the end- say “dont do this.” that way we will have made sure that Fri gets what he want. But somehow- let’s be honest- I think Fri will have some other problem with a guy trying his best to do the right thing.

  • leon4youall

    Why is it so hard for even the western world to understand issues???
    I cant believe that you guys are still that homophobic DAH!!!

    Tomtom LiL style up, why does it mater so much to you about what a man does with a fellow man in their bedroom???

    I think the most talked about legends and history making people were gay, talk of the great kings of the roman empire.

    Get back to books and read man.

  • littleBIGchris

    Remember Stephen from Real World Seattle? The one who slapped Irene for caling him gay? One of his “storylines” on the show was how he befriended a gay guy, and his “struggle” to get over his own ignorance and homophobia. And it was so deliberate and obviously a ploy to get us rooting for his Open Mind so we’d pay no attention to the fact that he’s actually a big fucking fag himself. This is how I feel about Kanye’s big pro-gray speeches. They seem like specific tactics he’s employing; a twist on the idea of keeping your enemy/biggest threat close to you.

    I think he’s gay and instead of coming out, he becomes Defender of the Gays to divert attention and kill suspicions. his “efforts” bother me the same way that it would bother me if Ricky Martin made this statement.

    Kanye’s already said that if he were gay or closeted, he’d probably avoid the topic altogether or just keep a distance. So it doesn’t seem crazy to me that he’d take an opposite approach and emrbrace the cause, to show everyone how COOL he is with gays — all b /c it’s the opposite of what he thinks ppl are expecting.

  • littleBIGchris

    … and Real World Stephen, by the way? finally came out.

  • khalil amani

    Hey Queerty! Khalil Amani here! You wanna know why Kanye West is taking a harder stance against homophobia? Beacuse he’s read my book (Hip Hop Homophobes…) (which you have a copy of!)I met him and PERSONALLY gave hin a copy! There’s a picture of us on my MySpace page (

    Khalil Amani is “Ya favorite gay friend’s favoite straight friend!” visit his gay-friendly hip-hop blog ay

  • Mr C

    Has anyone seen Ms Lil Tom Tom horrible blog?
    Now the queen is going to call Kanye “CLOSETGAY” for his stance against HOMOPHOBIA.

    Now when rappers start bashing then you wanna get mad. Are the kids ever satisfied???

    By the way where are C______-Y and all the rest who blames us for everything.

    And Khalil we saw the story 3 yrs ago on BET as to why he tales a stance against Homophobia in Hip-Hop remember he has a cousin who he is close to who at the time “came out” to him and he decided to embrace him as well as no longer being HOMOPHOBIC. Because kats in the industry was trying to bash Kanye for that but steeped away from it.

    Not trying to blow your bubble or anything a photo op is just that a photo op. But the family (i.e cousin) is the reason behind him being non-homophobic.

    And where can this book be found??

  • khalil amani

    Yes, he did speak out 3 years ago, but he’s really stepped his game up and I’m not basing that on just a photo opt. I’m basing it on our conversation, the things he’s says (which are spoken in my book) and the fact that I too am a straight man that’s fighting against homophobia. For three years he probably thought that he was the only “straight” cat in hip-hop who was speaking the truth until he found me! There is strength and safety in numbers! Just an observation.

    My book is orderable thru Barnes & Nobles, amazon,, borders, etc. ($15.95) Queerty asked for a copy for a possible review, but I haven’t heard back from them (8 months ago). Perhaps it isn’t their cup of tea because it is MILITANT as hell and some of the language is rough, because I’m addressing a hip-hop crowd in hip-hop venacular.

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