Fighting Off His Sister’s Rapist Is Getting Antoine Dodson Into The Hottest Nightclubs

Well I’m sure he means other doors are opening for him too, but Antoine Dodson tells George Lopez his music career is moving along. His new single is called “Stupid, You So Dumb,” basically a follow up anthem aimed at the perpetrator. No wonder he’s fighting off both men and women with a stick.

Dodson also served as Lopez’s guest announcer:

Antoine Dodson, Perhaps America’s First Sex Offender Pitchman

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  • DC Steve

    I read a pretty good editorial a while ago, I forget exactly what inspired it, but it argued that there is a range (in terms of taste) of “good” rape jokes and “bad” rape jokes. Offhand, as far as “good” rape jokes go, I can think of the scene in Blazing Saddles (“Qualifications?” “Rape, murder, arson and rape.” “You said rape twice.” “I like rape.”), which is funny because it’s a throwaway gag said by a two-line character in the middle of one of a Mel Brooks movie. Or the Onion headline “Neighbors Believed Murderer Only Capable Of Rape”, where there’s an uncomfortably funny element because everybody has pondered that kind of question of which is “worse”.

    With Antoine Dobson though (and it’s hard to fault him for milking his random celebrity) I don’t see that kind of cleverness and context, I mostly just see a guy dressed like a minstrel show stereotype singing about how dey sho likes climbin up and rapin de womens.

  • Tricky

    @DC Steve

    I see a bit of what you see also. However it is not as if he was looking for his 15 minutes, it came to him. And with all of the idiots (eg Sarah Palin), that are still milking their 15 minutes, I am still happy for the guy.

  • Adam

    Yeah, he’s a ridiculous character, and there may be an element of minstrelsy in his newfound popularity, but in the end here’s someone who is finding success, and trying to help his family find a better life (along with some Gucci). He’s as much a minstrel show as he is a gay stereotype, and he knows it. At least he’s just letting it all roll off his back and seeing where it takes him. I wish him luck and success.

  • Greg

    I agree with others and wish him well but will take this opportunity to lament the devolution of our society where fame and adoration are bestowed upon those who’ve done absolutely zero to contribute to it.

    Chief among the thorns in my side are the Paris Hiltons and Nicole Richies of the world, stupid attention whores who are famous only for being famous — and who, if their lives depended on it, couldn’t tell you the three branches of government.

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