Fiji: The Next Great Gay Boycott

Now that the boycott on Coors products is pretty much dead, gays have a new beverage to avoid like poison: Fiji Water.

Fiji police (would you say “Fijian”? “Fijish”? “Fijiese”?) charged two men with sodomy, after they caught them having sex in one of the men’s beach home. One man was an Australian tourist; the other was a local.

Fiji’s courts ruled that sodomy laws are unconstitutional, but the government refuses to repeal the law. We’re not sure how that works, but it sounds like logic that Mitt Romney from Massachusetts would enjoy.

We plead with the government of Fiji to please change their stance on their anti-gay laws. Although this boycott is easy, as there are plenty of other Pacific island that we can take trips to instead, and the bottled water is oddly thick and heavy on the palette and we think it sucks anyway.

Gays must boycott Fiji Water []

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Fiji previously in Queerty (10-10-05)

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