Filipino “Father of The Year” Scalds Gay Son In Drunken Attack

The Philippine LGBT Hate Crime Watch (PLHCW) is reporting that Erano Padilla of the Northern Philippines has been arrested and charged with assault after scalding his gay son Edmund, 19, with boiling water.

Is this what happens when we let heterosexuals raise children?

Erano admitted he was drunk when he attacked Edmund and says it was fueled by feelings of frustration that three of his children were gay.

Currently the Philippines doesn’t have any hate-crimes laws and Edmund, who has suffered serious burns and blisters, is technically too old to be covered by national child-protection laws.

“We plead to the government to initiate proactive programs that provides parents and LGBT children the opportunities to promote freedom of expression of sexuality and gender… We are born this way and you cannot punish us to change our sexuality,” says PLHCW spokesperson Reighben Labille. “We fear that so many violent acts perpetrated by parents and legal guardians against their LGBT children go unreported. It is so urgent for Congress to find ways to protect sons and daughters of whatever age from family-based violence.”

We hope Edmund’s queer siblings are independent and can help get him out of that house. As for Erano, you think after this your gay children are going to help you in your golden years—when you’re old, drunk and feeble?

That shipped has sailed, buddy.

Images via orangeacid