Filipino Senator Wants To Lift LGBT Protections From Anti-Discrimination Act

Activists in the Philippines have a bone to pick with Sen. Tito Sotto, who wants to remove sexual orientation and gender identity from the Anti-Racial, Ethnic and Anti-Religious Discrimination Act of 2011.

Before getting into politics, Sotto was co-host of Eat Bulaga, the longest running TV show in the Philippines. “We are saddened that Senator Sotto, whose successful showbiz and political careers are in part supported by hardworking LGBTs, may think that they are second-class citizens who do not deserve equality before the law,” claimed Goya Candelario of the Progressive Organization of Gays (ProGay Philippines).

Besides limiting LGBT rights, Sotto’s other noteworthy accomplishments include being embroiled in a plagiarism scandal and making spurious claims about birth-control pills leading to miscarriages. Wow, for a second there we thought he was in the GOP.

Photo: Sotto for Senate