Filipino Teens Not Allowed To Attend Graduation After Posting Gay Kiss On Facebook

Six Filipino high-school students are being banned from their graduation ceremony after officials discovered images of them simulating a kiss in public that were posted on Facebook.

The boys, who describe the kiss as a prank, were in their school uniforms from the Infant Jesus Academy (above) when they took the photos on Monday. Though they will still graduate, they won’t be allowed to attend the ceremony or receive their diplomas.

A mother of one of the kids, who are all between 16 and 17, told Inquirer News:

“For them, the school diploma is sacred. The school will give it to the students [eventually], as the punishment will not be for life. But it will take two years, three years, four years—even eight years,” she claimed. “The officials said [the boys] are not deserving, as of the moment, to receive their diplomas.’”

According to officials at the academy, the boys violated a school policy banning “any conduct inside or outside the campus which brings the student, his/her family and the school in disrepute.”

Well that’s pretty vague.

Photo: Infant Jesus Academy

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