Finally, A Flow Chart To Help You Dismantle Anti-Gay-Marriage Arguments

One of the blessings of our society is the freedom to have differing opinions. Sometimes, though, opposing views can lead to an endless cycle of debate.

Riyarchy is a new interactive site that hopes to cut to the chase: Taking its name from riy, the Japanese word for “reason,” and the English suffix for a ruling system, Riyarchy crowdsources the debate—providing arguments and refutations (and refutations of refutations) of topical issues, presumably so the rest of us can get back to updating Facebook.

“The world can’t advance, because decisions aren’t being made,” says the site’s creators. “Under the excuse of ‘debate rages on,’ we procrastinate. And yet, this lack of forward momentum is not without cost. With urgent issues unresolved, we continue suffering for an unlucky lot.”

In addition to issues like abortion, evolution and euthanasia, Riyachy offers a flow-chart of positions on marriage equality, both pro and con, including economic benefits, traditional definitions and anti-discrimination laws. Visitors can log in and add new arguments or refute existing claims. “If the universe of arguments were outlined orderly, showing refutations’ relationships definitively, we can finally give one side the decisive victory.”

Sounds a little like wishful thinking, but at the very least it could make dinner-table arguments more organized.

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  • EdWoody

    That evolution can be lumped in with euthanasia and abortion as “issues” just shows the terrible state the US is in. (This isn’t a dig against Queerty for once – it’s more of a general point.)

    There is no “issue” surrounding evolution. Evolution is fact, scientifically proven fact. Anyone who denies it does not have a different opinion or an alternate view of the “issue” – they are simply a fantasist.

  • petensfo

    The problem remains… prejudice has nothing to do with one’s ability to reason.

  • Cam

    Unfortunatly, I get what Dan Avery is doing here and think that he would be totally right if the people on the other side were being inteelectually honest.

    I actually think he is givin them too much credit.

    They aren’t opposed to gay marraige because of economics or issues on raising children. They are bigots, they hate gays, and they are opposed to gay rights.

    If you gave a Klansman a breakdown on why it was economically better for blacks to participate fully in society, he wouldn’t care.

    So Kudos to Dan for trying to see the best in people, I just don’t think it works in this situation.

  • Ridpathos

    @EdWoody: Contrary to belief, science doesn’t prove “facts”.

    Evolution is a theory in the scientific sense meaning that it is an ‘explanation’ of how species change over time.

    Since this theory has been around for 200+ years, it has been tested, and more data has been gathered. Almost all data corroborate the theory. Predictions made using this theory have proven accurate. This means that evolution is a very good theory/explanation.

    I only illustrate this point because I believe it is important to distinguish that if new evidence were to pop up that disagreed with the theory, the theory would have to be changed or discarded.

    That’s what the great thing about science is. It changes to meet the observed data and attempts to provide the most accurate and precise explanation. But once again it is not a fact, because facts are immutable.

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