Finally! A “Support Group” For Men NOM’s Brian Brown Has Tried To Kiss

A Facebook group has sprung up for all the men that the National Organization for Marriage’s President Brian Brown has tried to kiss. Yeah you read that right.

According to Brian Brown Tried to Kiss Me (I’m serious)‘s description:

Brian Brown has made it his life’s goal to fight same sex marriage. It turns out, however, that he’s a bit of a hypocrite.  Here at BBTTKM (Brian Brown Tried to Kiss Me), we know that Brian Brown has tried to kiss countless men. He may have thin little lips that are always stretched across his big, angry, red face, but if he sees the right guy, he’ll pucker them up and go in for a kiss. He must be stopped.

The group has little anecdotes and stories from other “victims” of Brian Brown’s (alleged) unwanted advances, such as this:

Brian Brown thinks that he has big hands that other men might find attractive. He shows them off whenever possible. He calls them his “man-hands.” He says, “Let big ‘ol Brian Brown get his man-hands on your buns and his lips on your mouth.” That’s what he said to me anyway.

There are even video testimonials:

While we seriously doubt the veracity of these claims,  we still commend these brave souls for sharing their stories. Anyone who’s stared that snarling beast in the mouth, either figuratively or literally, deserves a hug.