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Finally: SoulStice’s Marriage Equality Anthem That’s Also A Great Song

There are some music videos about equality that are just sort of “eh,” and then there are those that really blow your mind. SoulStice’s “Strange Kind Love” is exactly that, and you should watch it right now.

Putting lyrics about gay love into rap songs is, if anecdotal evidence is any indication, harder them putting them into soul songs, or ballads. Or maybe there are just fewer artists willing to do it?

Here, SoulStice, who is straight and reminds us of Talib Kweli’s stylings, draws on his own experience facing marriage oppression; he’s in an interracial relationship, which isn’t always the most celebrated union. So you’ll see all types of couples popping up in his D.C.-set video: mixed race, mixed gender, whatever. Most valuable about the track, however, is not its message, but that it is actually good. And catchy. And something we’d put on our iPods. Maybe young folks will do it too.