Finding Gay Bars When You’re Traveling

If you’ve got a business conference in a strange city, or you’re visiting the in-laws’ new vacation house and you and your man need a bar to escape to, where do you look to find a local watering hole? We’ve found sites like, which maps bars and clubs in various cities and zip codes, and, a new-ish entrant into the field of user-generated mapping (meaning you glob on to the locales other users already posted, then add your own). But what are some of your favorites? Is there another site that’s a one-stop national resource that we don’t know about? Tell us where you’ve gone on the web to booze when you’re in a strange place. Or, if you live in one of those cities where we might have trouble finding a local spot (i.e. you just have to know where the one gay bar in town is), post it below. [ClubFly, Mapcidy]