Fiona Apple Trolls Trump With Dark Rendition Of “The Christmas Song”


Just what you want at the holiday times: a festive carol about Donald Trump. In this case, it’s meant to be insulting, but every time we sing his name, the whole human race loses.

Fiona Apple is responsible for a new song that’s basically a Christmas-parody of the song “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire.” Remember Fiona Apple? She’s back! In parody form. It’s a little unclear exactly where this video originated, but it’s been posted and reposted in the weirder corners of Tumblr and sure looks like it’s real.

In the video, Fiona gives us a husky-voiced rendition of the song with the words tweaked to insult the Republican party’s worst member/leader. It’s a rough and unpolished video, and looks like something she just thought would be fun to make while sitting around in her living room. A dog barks in the background while she sings, and the whole thing ends with her ripping up a Donald Trump picture.

The whole thing is extremely weird, but in a way that makes us appreciate Fiona all the more. You can probably expect the whole thing to be dissected in detail on the Ladywatch podcast.

And now let’s go out on a limb and guess that Fiona’s not counting on an invitation to perform at the inauguration in a few weeks … if there’s even a country left by that point.

Watch below: