Fire Island Pied Piper Daniel Nardicio Teases Liza, Sandra And More This Summer

For his tenth year in Fire Island’s Cherry Grove, New York party promoter and media stud Daniel Nardicio—the guy who famously got Levi Johnston to drop trou for Playgirl—is rolling out his biggest lineup ever. Featuring a shout-out from Lady Gaga (who Nardicio brought out to the Grove right before she broke huge) this minimalist trailer heralds the arrivals of Liza Minnelli, Margaret Cho, Alan Cumming and Sandra Bernhard—plus his legendary underwear parties and a new Saturday night throwdown with DJ Jonny Dynell. With the state of the Pines Pavilion still up in the air, Nardicio’s not letting any moss grow under his feat. (We have a cream for that, by the way.)


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