Fire Island Pines Thankful To Have Avoided Major Damage From Hurricane Sandy

Though we had previously reported that Fire Island had been “devastated” by Hurricane Sandy (the article has since been updated), Fire Island Pines’ Property Owner’s Association President Jay Pagano offered 10 reasons residents could be thankful that the gay resort mecca the Pines emerged relatively unscathed from the superstorm’s wrath:

1) No one was hurt.

2) The Pines suffered the least damage of any Fire Island community.

3) None of our homes were destroyed and all can be occupied with minor repairs.

4) Our harbor is fine.

5) Damage is largely confined to decks and pools on the ocean and bulkheads on the Bay.

6) The temporary wash over just east of the Pines has healed itself.

7) All damage is repairable over the winter.

8) We are getting excellent cooperation from Town and State agencies in fast tracking permits for repairs.

9) Our contractors will be permitted to return to the community tomorrow to begin repairs.

10) Sayville Ferry hopes to be back in service by the weekend.

Pagano added, “We are a strong and vibrant community. We come together in a time of crisis. We will be back in the swing in the spring.”