Fired For Frowning On Lesbian Boss’s Wedding? … Repealing Oregon’s Gay Marriage Ban

ON OUR GAYDAR — News, notes, clicks, and quips from around the web.

• Brookstone salesman fired from his job after telling lesbian manager that his faith teaches him that homosexuality is wrong. Exercising freedom of speech, or harassing the boss?

• Rep. Tammy Baldwin is all up in Hillary Clinton’s biz about Uganda’s “death for gays” bill.

• What does Halloween look like for famous gays? For Marc and Lorenzo, is was partying with Kylie and Fergie.

• What Maine’s “No On 1” camp looked like last night.

• Gay Tulane University plastic surgeon brutally stabbed to death at home in New Orleans. Killer then set fire to his home.

The beginnings of repealing Oregon’s same-sex marriage ban.

• Atlanta’s Gay Pride Parade wouldn’t have been complete without religious protesters.

• Ridiculous soap opera storylines, now applied to gay characters!

• Maine’s voter turnout exceeding expectations.

• A three-year-old involved in homophobic British attack?

• And the Miss Gay America crown goes to …

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  • Chisne

    So he tells his boss to shut up about her marriage, and he’s shocked he got fired?


    No hon, your job is in jeopardy if you act like a douche.


  • Michael vdB

    If you have a case…then sue. If not, you seem to be more after publicity than anything. I am always skeptical of people when they rag on a former employer…especially in a termination dispute.

  • Michael vdB

    Funny thing on trying to comment on the Youtube portion of that video. When you submit, it says “Comment Pending Approval.” So seriously the poster is not interested in differing opinions to be posted. There seem to be a lot of hate speach that is allowed though.

  • Keith Kimmel

    “A three-year-old involved in homophobic British attack?”

    Now thats fucking disturbing. Teaching a three year old to hate. Remind me again why gays adopting kids is so bad.

  • Aa

    If you act like a douchebag to your boss in any context you can get fired… and that includes negative comments about their life partner, dumbass. Gay or straight.

    Especially in an economy where there’s likely people with master’s degrees beating down the door for that guy’s job, or any job for that matter.

  • Jack

    Oh, the Wingnuts will be all over this. Let’s hope this isn’t the new “Joe the Plumber.”

    Vidala should have been disciplined for bringing up religion in a public, secular business/work environment.

  • Brian

    This loser shouldn’t have any trouble getting a job at one of the Zondervan-type Christian bookstores.

  • Leto

    JOB FAIL! So basically he was fired for being a dumb ass who mouthed off to his boss’s boss. She’s not the one who should be keeping her mouth shut, he is! I think the boss had no choice but to let him go. What if it was a customer instead of his boss? How would that look for Brownstone then? He is an idiot.

  • Cam

    I’m curious, if he went up to his boss and said “I’m sorry but my faith teaches that interacial marriage is wrong and you are going to hell. That is harrassment and creating a hostile environment for the boss. Somebody explaine to me how what he did was any different. He told his boss that his religeon and his beliefs class her as a lesser person who is going to hell. That is hostile and it is imposing religeon in the office.

  • MackMichael

    Great! One down, now only 83 gazillion more until we level the playing field for those who have been, are, and will be fired simply because they are gay.

  • edgyguy1426

    Good luck with your ‘so-called’ unemployment claim, buddy

  • jimmy

    I made a comment on the YouTube channel, but doubt it gets posted. This guy was asking for it.

  • Yuki

    That three-year-old being homophobic is terrible.

    As for the guy being fired… I don’t think he should have been. If he randomly told her that it’s wrong, sure, but in this case it seems like she was mentioning it over and over and over; all he did was tell her he didn’t agree. Of course, he should have simply asked her to stop talking about it because he didn’t agree or some such thing (or, put up with it), but… he should’ve been reprimanded, not fired.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Brookstone wouldn’t want to risk a Gay Boycott: their customer base!

  • Miss Understood

    What a loser. I hope he gets caught with a wide stave in an airport bathroom.

  • Brian Miller

    Oh boy, the reason none of the non-homophobic comments are being published is because the YouTube site is run by Brian Camenker. Old Massachusetts residents like myself remember him — he’s a total crank who got pwned years ago by the Daily Show.

    You can watch him melt down here:


  • Orpheus_lost

    Freedom of speech does not give a person freedom from consequences. Some of these Christianist morons need to learn that lesson.

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  • SoylentDiva

    So if he’d said he was a Christian and she’d gone on an anti-Christian rant would they not have been within their rights to fire her? People can believe whatever they want but they’re not allowed to spew it absolutely everywhere. Sadly some wing nuts don’t get that. They think because they categorize things as their “religious beliefs” they’re allowed to just spread it all over the place in any manner they wish. The reality is that workplace regulations, anti-discrimination laws and the like are designed to protect everyone. The notion some have that there should be “exemptions” for religious beliefs is bunk. If you can’t control yourself, behave like a human being to others or do your job because your religion gets in the way you need to re-examine your beliefs.

  • Bridal Betty

    What a moron. The manager is getting married and talks about her upcoming marriage and he thinks he is the one being harassed.

    What if this were about an interracial wedding, rather than a gay wedding?

    I also don’t like the way he associates being Christian with being anti-gay. There are plenty of open-minded, tolerant, intelligent Christians – some of whom are gay themselves.

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  • Flam

    He should not have been fired if what he says happened is true. He merely said he disagreed with homosexuality. So what? So do most Americans. 95% of the people posting here are obviously clueless gays and gay sympathizers pushing their agenda.

  • scott ny'er


    fail. try again and this time come with all the facts.

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