Fired For Frowning On Lesbian Boss’s Wedding? … Repealing Oregon’s Gay Marriage Ban

ON OUR GAYDAR — News, notes, clicks, and quips from around the web.

• Brookstone salesman fired from his job after telling lesbian manager that his faith teaches him that homosexuality is wrong. Exercising freedom of speech, or harassing the boss?

• Rep. Tammy Baldwin is all up in Hillary Clinton’s biz about Uganda’s “death for gays” bill.

• What does Halloween look like for famous gays? For Marc and Lorenzo, is was partying with Kylie and Fergie.

• What Maine’s “No On 1” camp looked like last night.

• Gay Tulane University plastic surgeon brutally stabbed to death at home in New Orleans. Killer then set fire to his home.

The beginnings of repealing Oregon’s same-sex marriage ban.

• Atlanta’s Gay Pride Parade wouldn’t have been complete without religious protesters.

• Ridiculous soap opera storylines, now applied to gay characters!

• Maine’s voter turnout exceeding expectations.

• A three-year-old involved in homophobic British attack?

• And the Miss Gay America crown goes to …