After being fired for homophobic Instagram post, pro volleyball player considers a run for president


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Maurício Souza is a member of the Brazil men’s national volleyball team. Or rather, he was until last week when he was fired over a homophobic Instagram post about Jon Kent, the son of Superman, being bisexual.

After blasting the cartoon, Souza fired back at critics in a video about cancel culture and people being intolerant of other people’s intolerance and blah, blah, blah.

Bickering over the sexuality of a fictional character seems like a really stupid hill to die on, but it’s what 33-year-old Souza decided to do. And now that he’s officially out of a job, he’s eyeing a career change.

Naturally, he considering a foray into politics. More specifically, he wants to be the president of Brazil.

In the week since the controversy, Souza says a number of conservative groups have approached him about running for public office.

“This is something that was not foreseen,” he tells local media. “I never imagined myself in politics, but they are asking me a lot. Many conservative parties are telling me that it would be important.”

Asked whether he’s seriously considering it, Souza said he’s still not sure.

“I need to reflect,” he says. “I have a great responsibility, in every publication I do, in every interview I give. I am seeing the direct impact that I am having on people. Today they see this example in me. I have to ask God for wisdom to represent these people well.”

One thing Souza seems pretty sure about, however, is that his professional volleyball career is over.

“I won’t find a team easily,” he says. “There will be pressure on the sponsors and teammates. You have to have a very strong head to handle all this. If that’s the price you pay to give your opinion, I paid dearly.”

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