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Fired police chief swears he’s not a bigot because “I have a homosexual brother”

A fired police chief from Lowell, Michigan insists he’s not a bigot because he has a gay brother and his stepson has a friend who is multiracial.

Steven Bukala was forced to resign from his job as the Lowell Police Department’s police chief after threatening protestors on Facebook last week.

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Bukala shared a picture of four white men holding guns who said they would be patrolling the streets should any violent Black Lives Matter protesters show up in their town of 4,150 people.

“The Lowell Police Department supports the Second Amendment and the armed citizen,” Bukala wrote.

After being accused by city officials of “conduct unbecoming of a police officer” for letting his personal feelings interfere with his job as a public servant, Bukala tendered his resignation.

Now, he says doesn’t regret the post, even if it cost him his job.

“We are sworn to uphold the constitution of the United States and the State of Michigan,” Bukala tells local media. “Politics aside, we support the entire constitution. The city manager and the city council all swear to the same oath that I did.”

As for accusations that he’s a bigot for supporting white counter-protestors, Bukala calls them “laughable.”

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“Anybody that knows my family dynamics, this is laughable,” he says. “I have a brother who is homosexual. My stepson is dating a Hispanic girl… and my stepson’s best friend is half black, half white.”

“For someone to actually even insinuate that I am a racist is laughable.”

He continues, “I lost my career for standing up for the First and Second amendment rights. The character attacks on me are nothing more than trying to silence what the one true issue is.”

Bukala, who first joined the Lowell Police Department in 1995, adds that he has absolutely no desire to return to his career in law enforcement, saying this whole situation has left him with a “bad taste.”

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