Firefighter suspended for posting anti-gay slurs to social media…at a drag show


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An assistant fire chief in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware has ignited a firestorm of backlash after posting anti-gay rhetoric to Facebook while attending a local drag show.

William Buckaloo, the assistant fire chief in question, attended a drag show at the Blue Moon, a local restaurant, over the weekend. He later tagged himself in the Facebook post, which showed a picture of drag queen Magnolia Applebottom on stage. The caption read: “The sh*t I get talked in to (sic)…Matt, talked us to go to a f*ggot show.”

Magnolia Applebottom ran across the post the following Monday, sharing it to her own Instagram account. “What a sad turn of events,” Applebottom wrote. “The @lewes_fire chief thought it was ok to go to a gay owned and operated establishment… and go to a show hosted and produced by a award winning gay entertainer and use that F word on social media… Your job is to protect the people in our community not bring us down. Do better!!! Be better!!! And we recognize your inappropriate behavior.”

Matt Sprenkle, one of the friends tagged by Buckaloo in the post, has distanced himself from the event and denounced Buckaloo’s comments. He insisted that the pair had not attended the show together; rather, just run into each other at the restaurant.

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“I do not agree with any of the comments he made and do not associate myself with them,” Sprenkle told The Washington Blade

In the aftermath of the public outcry, Lewis Fire Department Chief Steve Evans confirmed that Buckaloo had been removed from his position as assistant fire chief as of Monday, and that Buckaloo would receive formal suspension as well.

At the time of this writing, Buckaloo has not commented publicly on the incident or his disciplinary action.