Firefighters suspended for filming raunchy x-rated video inside firehouse

Two firefighters from Akron, Ohio have been placed on administrative leave after being accused of filming themselves gettin’ busy inside one of the fire stations.

News 5 Cleveland reports:

Officials said the two firefighters are not assigned to the same station and “were known to be in a long-term relationship.” The two firefighters allegedly created the video and displayed it online, according to officials.

“I know this department, and this is not who we are,” Akron Fire Chief Clarence Tucker said at a press conference yesterday.

Meanwhile, Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan and Akron Fire Chief Clarence Tucker released a joint statement calling the whole situation “shocking and distressing” and saying they were simply “devastated” by it all.

“These allegations bring unwelcome dishonor and embarrassment to Akron Fire Department and the City of Akron and unfairly discredit the reputation of other Akron Fire officers,” the statement read.

A spokesman for the local firefighters’ union declined to comment on the scandal.

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