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  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Fireman of all people should know that a hole is a hole, boyz! Pass the Kleenex to these burly panty-waisters and please quote this blog in the trial for maximum hilarity. Is that a Hose or are you just glad to see me?

  • PJ

    We discussed this at my GSA meeting last night. For the most part, the group sided with the firefighters on this one. If the firefighters were coerced into being in the parade, they have a right to be offended. If they did it voluntarily, they have no right to be offended because they knew what they were going into. The article we read implied that they were ordered to be in the parade.
    Whatever the case, I have a feeling that there is more to this case than we are being told and a lot of that information will come out during the trial.
    The biggest concern we should have is the fact that the Fundies are going to get their clawed mitts on this case and they are going to use it as yet another tool in their twisted crusade to persecute us. I think it is probably better for us to wait and see what they court has to say about this and consider that these men entered the parade and felt uncomfortable being in the parade because they weren’t gay. We have all been in positions at one point or another where we felt uncomfortable but once these guys were in the parade, they were effectively trapped in a position that made them uncomfortable. They had no way out. Did they know what they were in for when they entered the parade? I am inclined to believe that they didn’t. In that case, they have a right to feel harassed. I feel bad for the firemen. Worse, I feel bad for the gay community because regardless of how this turns out, we are going to get the short end of the stick on this because someone made a bad judgment call.

  • ajax

    Okay. Let’s agree they were “harassed” and that no one deserves to be harassed. But how is this the City’s problem? Did the firefighters bring the harassment to the City’s attention and did the City have any opportunity to stop the harassment? If the firefighters brought this to the City’s attention, did the City force them to remain in the offensive situation? Did the firefighters ask their harassers to stop. Did the firefighters attempt to extricate themselves from the harassment?

    Oh. Please. Mary.

    This is a bunch of dumb jerks feigning outrage and hoping to make money from it. I not only hope they lose, I hope the court makes them pay the City’s defense costs.

  • Rob Moore

    Poor, poor babies. I bet they had to listen to gay guys wolf whistling. Oh the horror. They had to sit through a gay pride parade whilst they were being paid. That is just awful. Awful I tell you.

  • Snoodle

    Oh, cry me a river you poor abused and offended little boys *rolls eyes*

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