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Load More Guys: Help Fund The First Book About Grindr

If you’re a gay man, you’ve no doubt wasted countless hours and have been  spurned countless times on Grindr, the mobile cruising app, also known as the downfall of gay male culture. Well, a new book proposes to be the first to explore how Grindr, and services like it, shape our behavior. But the author needs your help.

Since launching in March 2009, Grindr has accumulated some 4 million users worldwide, including technology writer and game designer Jaime Woo, the man behind Gaming Grindr: How One App Changed the Way We Connect. Drawing insight from the fields of game theory, behavior economics, psychology and user interaction design, Woo is attempting to help people who have gotten frustrated or depressed by the app have a better experience.

“I examine ideas like why trying to find love on Grindr is a waste of time, why it’s true that people on Grindr are indeed meaner, and how having too many men can be worse than you’d hope,” Woo said. “I think this book will be interesting to anyone who has used Grindr and wondered how it all works.”

Woo is almost done writing the book, due out fall of this year, but is still a few shekels short of his goal on Indiegogo where he’s raising money to cover some of the costs. He’s got a little ways to go with 38 or so hours left to make up the difference. So if you’re interested in adding some much-needed depth to Grindr, throw some money at it.

It’ll be a lot more gratifying than uninstalling the app only to inevitably re-install it days later.