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Load More Guys: Help Fund The First Book About Grindr

If you’re a gay man, you’ve no doubt wasted countless hours and have been ┬áspurned countless times on Grindr, the mobile cruising app, also known as the downfall of gay male culture. Well, a new book proposes to be the first to explore how Grindr, and services like it, shape our behavior. But the author needs your help.

Since launching in March 2009, Grindr has accumulated some 4 million users worldwide, including technology writer and game designer Jaime Woo, the man behind Gaming Grindr: How One App Changed the Way We Connect. Drawing insight from the fields of game theory, behavior economics, psychology and user interaction design, Woo is attempting to help people who have gotten frustrated or depressed by the app have a better experience.

“I examine ideas like why trying to find love on Grindr is a waste of time, why it’s true that people on Grindr are indeed meaner, and how having too many men can be worse than you’d hope,” Woo said. “I think this book will be interesting to anyone who has used Grindr and wondered how it all works.”

Woo is almost done writing the book, due out fall of this year, but is still a few shekels short of his goal on Indiegogo where he’s raising money to cover some of the costs. He’s got a little ways to go with 38 or so hours left to make up the difference.┬áSo if you’re interested in adding some much-needed depth to Grindr, throw some money at it.

It’ll be a lot more gratifying than uninstalling the app only to inevitably re-install it days later.

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  • Daez

    I’ve never actually had the desire to hook up on grinder. Could be because I’m in a loving committed relationship and about to celebrate my two year anniversary, but even if I wasn’t, I think I just enjoy meeting people in person much more. Maybe I’m just old school.

  • Ron Jackson

    Grindr is worthless if you are over 30 and don’t look like a cover boy. Don’t waster your time or money.

  • Triple S

    @Daez: I agree. With the last part at least (only 17 here). I far prefer to meet and develop a relationship with another man rather than have the forced and artificial atmosphere derived from the usage of Grindr.

  • QJ201

    Nope, bark up another tree.
    I’m sure there are some queer theory grad students who would read this “tome” but most of the community could care less what one person has to say about Grindr.

  • Charlie

    Your Mileage May Vary.

    I had a great six month relationship with someone I met on Grindr (without any initial hooking up). If your photo, copy, and behavior are in line with that goal and you message people whose photo, copy, and behavior line up with that goal you can be successful.

    The statement “I examine ideas like why trying to find love on Grindr is a waste of time” seems a bit over the top. You can find love at the supermarket but you just have to realize most people are there to buy groceries.

  • Chris

    I met my current partner on Grindr, we met up in Portland, both on travel, was open to hooking up but wasn’t pushing it. We ended up walking around the city for hours just talking and getting to know each other. We both lived in LA and planned to meet up when we both got back into town.

    That was 2 1/2 years ago. We now own a home, plan to marry and raise kids soon. Like they always say, you don’t find something until you stop looking.

    I had gone on Grindr to get some kicks after other dating failures and ended up meeting the love of my life. So I would say Grindr was useful and didn’t lead to the frustration that so many others evidently experience.

  • ChrisSF

    OK this is a completely pointless book, about a hook up app.

    It’s good that you met your partner on Grindr Chris but most people don’t use it for that and are not on there looking for a relationship. ;)

  • Bob

    Lord, i’m amazed at how much blame is placed on Grindr for the demise of the gay community. I remember when AOL was THE ONLY real site to talk to and meet local gay men, and no one was screaming that AOL was tearing apart the social fabric of the gay community.

    Actually, Grindr and all the other “hookup” sites and apps are just the newest in a long line of “tools” that gay man have (and will continue) to use to meet like-minded men (be that sexual, social or dating.

    What really surprises me is how angry and jaded so many gay men are about such sites. Now i know i’m gonna get bashed for this, but if you’re 5’8″ and weigh 250+ lbs and you know Grindr has a reputation for being the playground of the young, muscular and “beautiful” – why would you even USE the app? Unless of course you’re one of those guys who is hoping there are young muscle guys who LIKES bigger men (they are out there of course), but you can’t go on grindr and then bash the app because the guys aren’t interested in you!

    In this day-and-age, there is a site (and soon to be app) for every sub-segment of the gay community. There are “bear” sites, “SilverDaddies” sites, “leather/fetish” sites, sport sites and i’m sure there are dozens i’m leaving out.

    But the reality of the situtation is, if you KNOW who you are, if you’re comfortable with who you are inside and out, and you KNOW the kind of man you’re looking to meet or attract, there’s probably a site for you out there. SO, focus on THAT and leave the bashing of gay-related sites and apps (and our community) to those that hate us and want to keep us down.

  • Andrew007

    This guy is a tool. I love the quote “I think this book will be interesting to anyone who has used Grindr and wondered how it all works.”

    How stupid is this guy? Does he really not understand how Grindr works? You get the app, make a profile and then talk to other guys. I really hate it when people over think obvious things. I can’t wait for his next book: “Er, uh, this book will be interesting to anyone who has eaten pasta and wondered how it all works. Derp!”

  • J Stratford

    a potentially boring book

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