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  • dustashed

    pretty much sums it up

  • Bromancer7

    Gotta admit, made me chuckle. I have no experience with Tinder (or being straight), but the gay stuff was spot on.

  • Brian

    The difference between Grindr and Tinder reflects the difference between men and women.

    Men are hard wired for a very high and constant sex drive, and will have sex anywhere, anytime, even with total strangers. Women do not have the same high or constant sex drive as men. In fact, women’s sex drive is just a fraction of whom they are, and is motivated by pregnancy or prostitution.

    Thus, Grindr, with its male-male paradigm, puts together two very high and constant sex drives. Tinder puts together one very high and constant sex drive (male) and one relatively low and non-constant sex drive (female). The dynamics are completely different.

  • OnlyaRental


    While some studies suggest that men have higher sex drives than women, more recent research has found compatable levels of desire across genders. Men often report having higher sex drives than women, but that is arguably a factor of societal norms that typically don’t allow women the same sexual agency granted to men. In fact, the methodologies of a lot of the studies that supposedly claim to show a stronger sex drive in women are now being questioned, as they are often based on gendered assumptions regarding how to measure arousal in the first place.

    In general, take with a grain of salt any scientific study purporting to prove societally accepted conventions (I.e men have more libido than women, men are better at math, women like to cuddle after sex, etc.), as they are often built on false assumptions that crumble under scrutiny (of the kind not typically demonstrated by the “news” sources that run with these stories without an understanding of the underlying science).

    Your claim that women’s sexuality is primarily motivated by pregnancy and prostitution is just uninformed sexism. A women’s menstrual cycle has not been found to have any biological impact on libido and, while pregnancy does lead to a great deal of hormonal changes, its affect on sex drive varies dramatically and is dependent on individual factors–there are no widespread generalizations to be made.

  • OnlyaRental

    Whoops, *comparable levels, not compatable.

  • Brian

    @OnlyaRental: Stop blaming society. It’s Mother Nature that decided that men should have higher and more constant sex drives than women, not society. If you don’t like it, take it up with Mother Nature.

    It’s the man who has to willingly release the sex cells from his body to hers, not the other way around, thus the stronger drive in the male.

  • Paco

    I prefer how heteros approach courtship. I am always amazed, and a bit envious, at the effort straight guys are willing to invest in getting the girl.

  • Brian

    @Paco: The corollary of that is that women will often drag out the courtship process to see what’s in it for her. Women tend to use courtship to find out things about the male, and therefore they prefer that it drags on…and on and on and on.

    Women want to know that they will gain from the relationship in a way that suits them personally, if not the male.

  • LaFlaneuse

    @Brian: Really? “women’s sex drive is just a fraction of whom they are, and is motivated by pregnancy or prostitution.” Well, I’m a woman and my sex drive is motivated neither by pregnancy and/or prostitution; I’ve not had children (my choice) and neither have I been a prostitute, so what’s my motivation?

    “It’s the man who has to willingly release the sex cells from his body to hers, not the other way around, thus the stronger drive in the male.” So you are some sort of evolutionary biologist now? Evidence, please? I’m sorry, but your post just reeks of misogyny and male privilege.

    Of course Tindr and Grindr experiences are going to be different, one is men with men, and the other is men with women.

    You know very little about women’s sexuality, seeing as you are not sexually attracted to women, I think that you should keep your misogynistic comments to yourself. I have long been a supporter of LGBT rights, but the misogyny in some of the comments is quite astounding.It’s not like one is superior to the other, we are all different, men/women/gay/straight, we all have different experiences, to think that everyone is the same because they are man/woman/gay/straight/transgendered is to stereotype; when we start making sweeping statements and generalisations about people, and perpetuating stereotypes that is when hatred and bigotry arises, and we all know where that gets us.

  • batesnight

    From talking to straight women, they’ve found Tinder to be on the sleazy. I’ve found it to be the opposite and less superficial than Grindr. That’s because Grindr is more superficial than Tinder. Whereas Tinder is the Grindr for heterosexuals, specifically men.

  • The Tower of Power

    @batesnight: I prefer Plenty of Fish. It’s not as sleazy and you can adjust the settings do someone has to type 300 or more characters to make contact.

    No overtly sexual profiles are allowed. No creepy anonymous users are allowed. You can also limit your age range so 60-year-old desperates cannot send you skanky messages

  • The Tower of Power

    @Brian: That’s an incredible overgeneralization. My parents are both past childbearing age. My mom is not a prostitute and she cannot have children… What do you think motivates their love life?

    I am a man and I have a low sex drive. I am not very interested it anymore as I’ve entered my 30s. I’m more interested in an emotional connection than the physical act.

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