whose pride is it?

First GetEQUAL Took on the White House. Now they Want to “Take Back Pride”

You can’t please all of the people all of the time, but a lot of people are pretty fucking displeased with the state of Prides around the country these days.

Pick your criticism: they’re too frivolous, they’re too commercial, they’re too serious, they’re too offensive, they’re too mainstream, they’re too boozy, they’re too sanitized, they’re too sexual, they’re too popular, they accidentally thanked Hitler.

But GetEQUAL’s going to fix all that! They’re going to “take back” Pride. Yeah, that’s showing ’em! They’re forming street teams, which is another way of saying “groups of college kids with matching t-shirts and clipboards who would like to know if you have a minute for gay marriage.”

Frankly, the way some people in charge of Pride treat it, they’re probably just relieved to hear that someone wants to take it off their hands.

What exactly GetEQUAL plans to do with Pride once they’ve “taken it back” remains to be seen. Maybe they’ll handcuff it it to the White House fence.