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  • Chad Hunt

    That was hilarious.

  • Icebloo

    Did RuPaul FINALLY choose a white person to win any of these shows ? I stopped watching after season two when it became clear RuPaul doesn’t like white people.

  • dkmagby

    @Icebloo: Considering the top three last year were all white queens and this year mu top two are also white…I’d say that rumor has been disbanded. I find ru Paul’s racial make up of his queens very diverse and balanced. I’ve yet to really disagree with his decisions each week either.

  • makino

    well WHOPAUL actually is a black supremacist but hes forced to push a white winner just because people are like threatening to boycott the show coz hes not crowning nothing but black queens….but sharon needles is crowned and hes white also chad michaels….u cant beat chad michaels hes a PROFFESIONAL….but WHOPAULS drag race is going downward afterseason 3…..the challeneges are tacky classless boring and corny after season 3….all stars was HORRIBLE……and WHOPAUL is still a transphobic ugly old gay man

  • makino

    and he use the show to promote his HORRIBLE new songs…..i liked the main event and champion….but the rest of his transphobic songs i hate so much…..

  • hamoboy

    @Icebloo: I’d read you like a scantron, but I don’t read trashy pamphlets.

  • AxelDC

    Since this is a pastiche of the 1970s Match Game, why doesn’t anyone play Bret Sommers or Fannie Flag?

    I think Charles Nelson Riley should count, too, since he was the biggest queen on daytime TV until Anderson Cooper.

  • Snapper59

    @AxelDC: Brilliant idea. JP Morgan? JoAnne Whorley? They’d be great characters! I can remember asking ma : “What exactly does JP Morgan do?” and she pretty much nailed it with “Game shows.”

  • Snapper59

    BTW, that was JAYE P. MORGAN, not the finance company or whatever. She was 70’s game show personified.

  • AshNYC

    Dear Queerty, why do you attract so many race obsessed commenters? I’m starting to believe you plant your race related comments, to draw more comments from others. Please tell me I’m wrong….

  • Banderson


    Do you realize how ignorant your sound? Like seriously? Check your facts, please.

  • Banderson


    People need to check their facts! Also, why is this even about race?

  • Globaltraveler

    God who cares? To each his own, but I’ve never watched more than 60 seconds of this show. RuPaul has managed to turn an absolute minimum of “talent” into a career that’s over twenty years old.

    Yes, drag can be fun and funny, and no doubt it requires skills/talents which I do not possess. But to elevate it to the level he has is beyond me.


  • Chad Hunt

    @Icebloo: @makino: I know RuPaul from various avenues of our lives in NYC, L.A., and varying times we have shared a stage at Gay events. I have never found her whatsoever to be a black supremacist. She is very personable if not slightly conceited but that would be a failing in all of showbiz, or any of celebrity caliber. Two of her best friends are Lady Bunny and Chi Chi LaRue. Hardly people of color and it doesn’t get much whiter.

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